Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Last of our Summer at Home

The past 1 1/2 weeks were the last of our summer at home, which is crazy!!! Now it's time for the state meet for Ella, then off to Texas, and when we get home all the back to school events begin! Here are the higlights…
My dad was in the southeast for business and was able to come spend an evening with us which was such a fun surprise!!! We tried to show him as many of our Athens favorites as possible in a few hours. The kids loved getting to see Grandad and we had fun catching up with him!

Only Grandad will buy a record just so you can get the "free" sticker with purchase ;-)

swim party after practice one afternoon

Another afternoon Ella and I went into the garage to go to swim practice and I nearly had a heart attack when I walked to my side of the car because there was a HUGE fur ball laying by my door! It turns out he was super sweet and was also in rough shape. He was really over heated, his fur was matted SO badly, he had ticks and a huge open sore on his chest. We got him to lick some ice cubes (he would not drink water) while we waited for animal control to come and pick him up. When the lady arrived she said she thought he was a pure bred Pyrenees and when I looked up that breed online later it seems like a great family pet. It really had me wanting a dog...almost haha! I posted his pictures on the local lost pets page and we found out that he was shaved and treated and is back with his family!!! I am so happy because he really was such a sweetie! I wonder what his story was!

For the rest of the time there has been lots of sleeping in, electronics, reading, cello and swim practices, and trying to not eat just junk food every day haha.

Our club team had an open house that we went to and the kids had a lot of fun. Ella helped out with the younger kids, and Addie and Preston did the stroke clinic and loved jumping off the diving boards at the end. ABSC is the best :-)!

Ella demonstrating the diving board haha

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Bulldog Grand Slam 2018

Our club team hosted a big swim meet last weekend called the Bulldog Grand Slam and Ella and Mike helped time at half of the sessions over the 3 day meet. The last time they held this meet Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte swam at it, but unfortunately this year the 2 biggest names that were supposed to be coming didn't end up swimming. Ella was especially bummed that Missy Franklin was a no show. BUT there were still plenty of other Olympians and super talented swimmers to watch. During the course of the meet they timed Amanda Weir, Micah Sumrall, Hali Flickinger, Melanie Margalis, Olivia Smoliga, Gunnar Bentz and some others. They were fed yummy food and Ella had fun hanging with out her friends who were also there timing. Mike and Ella also got to time for one of Ella's swimming friends from Katy, Alex, who was at the meet and that was fun for her! It was a cool opportunity and I think helped get her pumped up for her own big meet that is quickly approaching.
I went to the finals on Saturday night and tried to get some pictures of some of the swimmers we were most excited to see.

the top seed on the 50 free swam fly which was crazy

Friday, July 13, 2018

Day 2 Adventures: University of Georgia, Lake Chapman and Game Night

On our last full day with the Partridges we let Ella skip practice and we started out with Zombie Donuts for breakfast in downtown Athens. We walked around the North campus a bit, letting the kids ring the bell and taking pictures at the arch, and then we headed to Sandy Creek Park to play at Lake Chapman. It took us a little while to find the actual beach part of the lake, but we did it haha!
Unfortunately they weren't renting out kayaks when we were there which we were all pretty bummed about. On the website it said they rent them out on weekends but we assumed on a Friday, in the summer, after the 4th of July, they would..oh well. The kids still had a lot of fun just playing in the sand and water and it was pretty empty which was awesome. The lake itself was really pretty and I definitely want to come back and try kayaking around it! We also need to check out Sandy Creek's Nature Center sometime as well...lots more on my Athens to-do list still.
We got lunch on our way home and after 2 busy days were all ready to just have a chill afternoon. The kids played non-stop all the rest of the day and got to have a sleepover in the playroom since it was their last night together. The adults, and Ella, had a lot of fun playing games. Brittany and James are games masters so they came prepared to teach us some new ones!
The next morning we had to say our goodbyes which was so sad! We had a yummy last meal at Mama's Boy and then they were off on the road back to Texas. Only 10 minutes after they left Preston was in my room telling me that he missed them :-(. He also told me that he said to Vance and Harrison that he was glad their parents got divorced so he could meet them hahaha! Kids are so funny and just say exactly what they want to ;-). Vance and Preston are only a year a part and have become such good little buddies! We are so thankful that James and Brittany made the drive out to visit us!!!

the boys had fun with the goPro too...these are the least annoying ones haha!