Friday, September 21, 2018

Insectival 2018

One of my favorite things about Athens is that there is always so many fun events going on! I'm currently trying to decide how to talk the family into going to one of the 2 festivals being held tomorrow that I want to check out haha (a jazz festival and a hot air balloon one)! Now that I am pretty much done with editing my shoots from TX, I can finally get a little caught up on our personal pictures.
Last Saturday we decided to go check out Insectival at the State Botanical Gardens. When we were in line to go inside it seemed like most of the families had really young kids so we were a little nervous it may be a bit boring for our crew, but luckily we stuck around to check it out because Addie and Preston absolutely loved it!
There were so many different things to do...activities, learning stations, bugs on display, bugs to hold, dancers, a butterfly release, and so much more that we didn't stick around for because we headed home to watch the UGA football game. The highlight was definitely getting to hold all kinds of cool (and creepy) insects and Addie and Preston are now convinced that they need a pet tarantula...which Ella would have panic attacks about I'm sure haha! She was a good sport coming along with us, but I wouldn't make her come again next year because it is definitely her worst nightmare. Addie on the other hand is already looking forward to going again!
The one creature that Preston and Addie refused to try holding? Cockroaches. Thank goodness :-)!

No Thanks!!!

Ella having so much fun haha :-)

They had dancers perform while we were waiting for the butterfly release and at one point we spotted Preston waiting in the shade behind the "stage" totally oblivious haha.

We even ran into Addie's best friend from school, so I finally got to meet her! (and exchange numbers with her dad so we can hopefully start getting them together outside of school soon!)

Part of the conversation on the way home...
Ella, "I'm going to have one dog and one cat when I live on my own."
Addie, "I'm going to have like 17 different species of animals!"

Monday, September 17, 2018

My first TX photo trip

Only a few weeks before we left Texas I got a ridiculous traffic ticket while driving Ella to swim practice before 5am, part of which included a speeding fine for going 40 in a 35. I was so annoyed and refused to pay for it so I have been waiting to go and appeal it. Due to all the craziness from the flooding at that time the initial date wasn't set until June of this year which seemed perfect until we decided to stay in Georgia, at which point I sent in paperwork to ask for it to be delayed. I was given a date in early September and since I needed to fly back to Houston for it anyway, decided to see if any of my photography clients would be interested in doing shoots while I was there. The response was so great that I am actually going back again in October and November to do more! It was a blessing all around...I get to see my favorite clients that I have been working with for years, I get to spend time with my family and friends and I get to make a little money as well. This first trip was the longest of the 3 but I had shoots everyday, the ticket to fight, a doctor's appointment, etc. so it was going to be busy and I decided my main goal as far as free time was just to spend quality time with all of my family. I had so much fun visiting with everyone...and eating yummy food! I truly miss being so near to all my people :-)!

I was welcomed back with crazy traffic and crazy weather...typical ;-)

we face-timed with Preston while I was at Kayley's and he was so proud of his wooden airplane creation from scouts :-)

I didn't get a picture with my parents :-( but I loved hanging out with them in the evenings...and not having to cook dinner ;-)!

I got to see 2 of Ella's best friends while there since I did pictures for their I had to make her a little jealous ;-)

Also, I finally got to try Peli Peli with one of my own besties! And then stayed up way too late talking with her before my big day of shoots haha. We still could have used a couple more hours to try and catch up on everything though.

On Saturday I had 12 shoots...the most I've ever done in one day (until next month when I have even more scheduled haha)! It was a long day but getting to see all my little buddies made it so much fun! (and I ended the day doing senior pictures for one of my favorite girls which was such a treat!)

I just posted the recipe for this SUPER yummy gluten-free lemon blueberry cake on my recipe blog. My mom made it and it was amazing!

Until next month Houston :-)!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Ella's First Homecoming

I was so, so sad when I realized that I was going to be out of town for Ella's first homecoming weekend!!! In addition to wanting to help her get ready for this big night, I was looking forward to meeting the friends I have heard so much about and all their parents. But everyone survived without me there haha! Ella's sweet Young Women leader helped her with her hair and make-up and I could tell in the pictures that she felt gorgeous. And Mike mingled with the parents (his favorite haha!), took pictures, and got her to all the places she needed to be that weekend. He even ran Ella's homecoming ticket to the school when she texted that she had left it at home. I loved getting to see all the pictures and hear about it once I got home. Ella seems to have found a great little group of friends just a month into the school year and Mike and I have both been really impressed. We are so proud of her and so thankful that she is such a good kid!