Thursday, February 23, 2017

Celebrating with Friends

Baani, Rosie, Addie, Helena and Juliana
It was Addie's year to have a friend party but she decided to delay it a couple weeks and invite her 4 best friends to our favorite movie theater (the Alamo) for lunch while watching the new Lego Batman movie. Nana was able to join us at the theater, we all got full and laughed a lot and then we headed back to our house for presents and dessert. The girls were so silly together and going back through these pictures this morning and seeing how happy Addie was that day has me smiling all over again. She really has blossomed over the last year!



Monday, February 13, 2017

February Fun so Far

I can't believe February is half over already! But I am definitely excited it is...the sun is shining more often, I have fewer photo shoots coming up and we are exactly 4 weeks away from Spring Break! We are going to make it ;-).
The kids have been busy with their usual activities plus some special ones like Addie's 4th grade musical. We also celebrated the Super Bowl and went to the school's International Festival which is definitely the yummiest event of the school year! Ella had New Beginnings for Young Women, I had a fun, relaxing girls' day celebrating Kayley's birthday and Addie had her special date with Grammy and Greatfrog that was part of her birthday present.
It was a good first week!
One of Preston's teachers suggested he make a power point of our trip to the Dominican Republic and it was so fun to see what pictures he picked to use and what he chose to talk about :-)...

Annemieke and I had a fun lunch adventure to a legit Korean restaurant where every other customer was Korean.
Ella and the other girls singing at New Beginnings.
Some pictures from Addie's teacher...
cutest Addie fans :-)
they were giving 5's to their adoring fans in the younger grades as they left which was so cute
Ella made her own DR slideshow on her phone

Massages and lunch for the win!
Seriously SO much good good at the international festival!
All of our Super Bowl food isn't even pictured here! It was an amazing feast and it took me the entire next week to get back on track with my eating again haha!
The kids were obviously super into the game ;-). They did watch parts of it though.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Adeline at 10 Years Old

One year older, one year wiser, and one year full of achievements and adventure! Addie has reached the double digits and I can't believe it!!!
She has had quite a year. I was able to experience my first parent-teacher conference that was completely positive and I almost cried as I left! After years of struggling with her emotions, Addie girl seems to finally be gaining the control and understanding she needs. She still has her moments at home, but overall the improvement has been remarkable. Way to go Adeline! 4th grade has been your year so far!
One of her teachers spoke to me this fall about how impressed she has been with Addie and implored me to go through the (painful) process of filling out the application to the gifted program here. I haven't been very impressed with how it is run, but I felt I would be letting Addie down to not do it, so I persevered haha. I know she would love all the hands on learning they do so we will see what happens.
5th at our school in the spelling bee out of all the 4th and 5th graders
Addie loves adventure, especially in the ocean. We had a pretty amazing year exploring the world as a family and of all the kids I think she appreciates it the most. She loves taking in the new landscapes and cultures and snorkeling is her happy place for sure! She cannot wait to be scuba certified some day and has absolutely no fear in the water! She chased a baby shark in the Galapagos (as well as swimming with sea lions and sea turtles), squealed with excitement when she spotted a baracuda in the Dominican Republic and loved spotting sting rays in Grand Cayman. After those experiences she has decided she wants to be a marine biologist :-)!
We decided to have her swim year round with Katy Aquatics to help her become a stronger, and safer, swimmer. She doesn't love practice the way Ella does, but she has improved a lot and all I have to do is remind her about how much more snorkeling she will be able to do and she stops complaining ;-).
Although all 3 of the kids have participated in the Two-Way Immersion program through out elementary school, Addie is the one who really loves knowing Spanish and retains it best. I think she takes pride in the fact that she can understand and communicate better than her siblings (and her mom!). I would love to expose her to even more language learning experiences because she really has a natural ability to pick it up!
Addie continues to take piano lessons and enjoys it and does well with it! She also really wants to learn cello but we have put it off another of these days.
Of all her amazing gifts and abilities though, art still stands out among the rest. She spent a large portion of the year drawing Pokemon characters and dragons and also continues her rainbow loom masterpieces. The things she can make out of little rubber bands are seriously AMAZING!!!
height: 55" (60th percentile)
weight: 74 lbs (54th percentile)
Addie's current, Pokemon...dinner, Pho (with spaghetti in second)...dessert, brownies with ice, Secret Life of Pets...color, purple...veggie, broccoli...chips, Ruffles sour cream and cheddar...friends, Helena, Baani and Juliana...books, Harry Potter and Wings of Fire and Warriors (she has embraced reading fully this year!)
She continues to love animals and insects. She spent most of our free time in the Dominican Republic catching weird bugs and trying to pet stray cats and dogs :-).
The one low point of the year was that we no longer have Addie's cat Eddie. After weeks of being sick and the vet not being able to figure out what was wrong we had to say our goodbyes. Although Addie was unbelievably brave, I know she still misses him so much :-(.
I am so excited to see what the future has in store for this unique kiddo!
I also cannot wait to experience even more of the world through her eyes in the coming year.
We love her so much and are thankful she is ours!
Addie collage 1
Addie collage 2