Thursday, May 31, 2007


I got tagged by Sara and I'm guessing this is how it works. I am officially tagging Chrissy and Janessa - so you better fill this out too :-)!

Four jobs that I have had in my life:
1) GAP (my first real job)
2) BYU Independent Study
3) Jimmy John’s Deli (delivery girl)
4) Kaplan Test Prep

Four movies I could watch over and over:
...I can only watch comedies over and over
1) Tommy Boy
2) Anchorman
3) Napoleon Dynamite
4) Madagascar

Four places that I have lived:
1) California (San Diego, Redlands)
2) New York (Baldwinsville)
3) Illinois (Gurnee)
4) Texas (Dallas, Houston)

Four television show that I watch:
1) 24
2) Lost
3) The Office
4) almost all reality shows!

Four places I have gone or will go on vacation:
1) Ecuador (Save the Rainforest trip with high school group)
2) Ireland (College trip with friends Sara, Liz, and Robin)
3) Uganda (volunteer/study abroad trip with BYU)
4) Dominican Republic (honeymoon and then trip with Mike’s fam)

Four websites I visit almost daily:
1) MSN
2) Washington Mutual (my bank)
3) Sam’s Club (I’m always uploading pics)
4) many blogs!

Four favorite foods:
1) anything and everything Mexican
2) ice cream
3) Baked Lay’s Sour Cream and Cheddar chips
4) Potato soup

Four things I would like to learn or be better at:
1) Spanish!
2) making headbands/bows for the girls
3) patience
4) creating more hours in a day

Four places I would rather be right now:
1) sleeping in my cozy bed
2) the beach
3) anywhere in Africa
4) the zoo


So, the big day arrived – out of no where I might add. This morning as I was rushing around getting ready Ella told me she needed to use the big girl potty. She has done this before and nothing would happen so I almost just ignored the request, but luckily went in to help her anyway. She sat down and miracle of all miracles she really used the potty. I cheered and jumped up and down (I was overcome with excitement that she could do it!) and Ella would go and cheer and then go a little more and cheer again. Mike was home for the big success so we excitedly called him up stairs to celebrate with us. She still wore her pull ups all day but other than nap time she went in the potty every time! I guess it’s true that they’ll just do it when they are ready, because we had not really been doing anything to encourage it for awhile. We would still talk about how cool it would be to go in the big girl potty and she knew where the “prizes” are in my closet that she’d get to pick from when she did go, but I wasn’t having her sit on the potty at all, etc. So we’ll see how things go from here, but I am soooo thrilled to know there is an end in sight!

Play Day

Today I had some friends over (for me and Ella…..and even Addie). It was a lot of fun as always to “relax” and talk in between watching our kids play.

We quickly gave up on getting a picture with everyone looking at the camera! Here are Johnny, Andrew and Ella (looking a little scary) with Eva behind them.

Addie and her little friend William (he’s only a couple weeks older than her).

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

4 month check up

Well, today is Addie’s 4 month birthday and she had her 4 month check up on the big day. She is doing great. She had to get 4 more shots and the 2nd dose of a vaccine they give them orally now (lucky for Ella they hadn’t come up with that yet when she was a baby), but she was a trooper and only cried for 1 of them, the 2nd of the 4 to be exact – poor baby! Since Mike hasn’t started summer school yet we were all able to go to the appointment. I was reading over the info the doctor gave us on the way home and told him I couldn’t believe she is almost 6 months old (well, 2 more months, but still!) – it seems like we just had her! I also can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking about giving her solid foods!
Here are her stats: Addie weighs 12lbs. 10oz. (25th percentile), is 25” long (75th percentile) and her head is in the 25th percentile. I was surprised she was only in the 25th percentile for weight because she has been much bigger than Ella since birth, so I was shocked when I got home and checked Ella’s baby book to see that at 4 months she weighed 13 lbs. 6oz.! This is especially crazy considering at 2 months Addie weighed the same as Ella at 3 months. Poor Addie, we’ve been calling her our chubby baby and our big baby and she is really just a skinny little thing - hopefully she won't have a complex later in life :-)!

Monday, May 28, 2007

My Mullet Man

Kayley wears these clip-in extensions all the time and they were almost Mike’s exact hair color – making a perfect mullet!


Kayley was in town this weekend from BYU which meant a tasty dinner at my grandparent's house followed by an all night game of Scum. We actually had to move the party to our house half way through because Addie would NOT go sleep there - she needs her bed! Anyway, it was fun and we got to meet/hang out with Kayley's boyfriend Scott. It did get confusing at times with the 2 Scott's, but we managed :-). My mom had one terrible hand that we had to take a picture of ... for those of you who know how to play, she was scum and I was president (so she had to pass her 2 highest cards to me)...she passed me a King and a 10!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mack's interview

Here is a link to an interview my brother did with GI Jobs Magazine.

I still have a hard time accepting that he is old enough and mature enough to be a working business man with so much responsibility...But time and time again I am impressed with what he is doing and how he manages to always be the one picked for interviews!
(He was one of 5 soldiers' blogs featured in Time magazine,,9171,1106331,00.html, and was also featured in GQ as well)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Elmo shadow

Last night when I was tucking Ella in bed she noticed that her flowers were making a shadow on the wall. Tonight she was talking to me and then seemed to suddenly remember it. She looked up at the shadow telling me, "I love that shadow" matter of factly. Then after looking at it for a minute she told me it looked like Elmo and asked why he was waving hi. I didn't see it right away but if you look closely you can see the circle with the two bumps on top that look like Elmo's eyes and the higher shadow being his hand. It gave me a good laugh!

On a side note, today we all went to the gym together. I realized on the way there that I have never left either of the girls with someone who isn't family or a friend, expect in the church nursery. It was strange to say bye and just leave them there! When we handed Addie over I told the lady, "We'll just be 20 minutes - I've never left her before!" She was an older lady and obviously used to dealing with concerned parents. She said, "Don't worry, I raised two children...she'll be fine." And they were both fine when we came back. Ella was so fine in fact that she cried the whole way home because she didn't want to leave all the kids and fun toys!

One more side note...Mike and I went out to dinner by ourselves tonight without the girls and it was so nice and relaxing! I just ate my food and didn't have to help anyone else with theirs :-).

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I was talking to my friend Liz from college last night and she mentioned not remembering what Ella looked like as a baby. I haven’t ever done a direct comparison at the same ages and it made me curious. Here are pictures of them both at 1 month and 3 months…

No Fun

Yesterday was the first time I’ve really felt sick in awhile – and the first time with 2 kids. I felt ok most of the day but by the afternoon I needed a nap, which of course didn’t happen. I put Ella down for her nap (Addie was already sleeping) and went to lay down. Not too long after I heard banging in Ella’s room and went and reminded her she was supposed to be sleeping. Then about 30 minutes later Addie woke up ready to eat and play. What can you do? Mike went back to work in the evening which left me to get the girls down by myself. Ella was sooo good which was helpful – the evenings can be a rough time with no nap. She kept telling me “I’m sorry you’re sick.” I let Ella watch another show (she was thrilled of course) so I could just lay in bed while she watched. Poor Ella was bathed and in bed at 6:45pm and Addie went down not much later - we survived it and I’m feeling much better today.

Times have Changed! (thankfully)

Tuesday morning we went to Hope’s 5th grade graduation. It was extremely long (and boring) but she looked really cute. When she showed me the dress she got to wear I looked through the photo albums to show her the ugly outfit I wore to mine. Of course at the time I LOVED it! My best friend Carrie Gross and I got almost identical ones at 5-7-9 and we thought we looked GOOD :-)!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Day at the Park

Yesterday, and today too, the weather has been beautiful! Sunny and warm with a breeze - not scorching hot and not humid - so we took advantage and were outside all day. I took the girls on a walk to our neighborhood park in the morning. It was Addie's first time in the swings and Ella loved pushing her! I was playing in the sand with Ella and she said "Look mom." She found a dead worm that had dried up in the shape of a circle and put it on her finger like a ring. My instinct was to say "Yuck!" and make a disgusted face, causing Ella to freak out, scream and frantically shake it off her hand. Woops :-). When we got home Ella and I played and ate our lunch out back. Later when Mike went on his evening run we went along and walked the trail looking for animals - Ella spotted one little bunny (thank you bunny for saving us all from dealing with major disappointment!). The first time we went with Mike and told her she might see animals (he's seen rabbits, deer and wild pigs - pretty good for Houston) she got excited about seeing giraffes and elephants - we had burst her bubble and tell her we only see those kinds of animals at the zoo. Addie actually slept the whole time too so it was relaxing and peaceful (the last time we went she cried the whole time). Pretty soon it is going to be way to hot to do anything but swim outside so it's been nice to have a few more days to enjoy the outdoors first.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The next American Idol :-)

Ella loves watching American Idol (or "the singing show" as she calls it). When she takes a nap on Tuesdays I let her stay up and watch it with us. She makes me dance to most the songs with her, which makes it a little hard to watch, but she loves it! I sing her I am a Child of God before she goes to bed at night and she often sings a long with me but last night she sang the whole thing by herself without any prompting from me. I went and got the camera and although it was better the first time of course, she did a good job :-)! I'll try to post it directly in here later but for now hopefully this will work. Try this link if the top part doesn't work for you,

Here's another from March:


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Go Daddy Go!

This morning we went to cheer on Mike while he ran a 5k. It was at a school right by our house which was nice (the last one was a good drive away). Ella thought it was great fun! They had a huge inflatable slide and jumping room, little Jamba Juice smoothies and the Chickfila cow there. She yelled for Mike as he ran by, "Go Daddy, Go!" and pumped her little fist in the air... and he did really well, placing 3rd in his age group.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Day of Nothing

Today I had absolutely nothing that HAD to be done and it was so nice! I rarely have a day with nothing planned or scheduled or without an errand to run, so I took full advantage of it! Even on days when we are doing something fun or not very important, like going to the library or a play date, it can still add stress to the morning because we have to all be ready and out of the house by a certain time. Today we lounged around in our pajamas and I had time to read Ella the rest of her library books when she asked. We played with Addie in HER room with HER toys (the poor kid is typically stuck watching Ella have fun)! Then Ella and I painted while Addie took her nap. Nana came by for lunch and then it was already naptime for everyone. Although I was tempted to take a nap too since Ella actually fell asleep today, I caught up on Addie’s baby book instead. I felt like I had accomplished something and then looked at the calendar and realized that it’s almost time to write in Ella’s journal again – there’s always something I guess. Mike took his physics classes to Six Flags in San Antonio and won’t be back until late tonight so we’ve still got time to kill by ourselves before bedtime but it’s definitely been a nice change of pace. I forgot how nice it is to just have a day at home hanging out. I personally don’t always want to go out and do things but I often feel like Ella needs to do something fun everyday (not to mention sometimes I want someone else to occupy her for a little while). I definitely think I’m going to try and spend more time at home with just me and the girls when I don’t have errands to run or vacuuming to get done – I’m sure they’ve appreciated the break too.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dreaming of Dreams!

For the past week Addie hasn’t been sleeping as solidly through the night as she had been previously, but the last two nights have been especially hard. She woke up twice for her pacifier and Ella woke up once as well. I had to ask Mike this morning if Ella really woke up last night or if it was all a dream – I honestly couldn’t remember. I think Addie is having a growth spurt ( she’s been eating tons too) so hopefully we’ll be back to nights of peaceful sleep soon - I’m definitely ready! (it’s a good thing she’s sooo cute – it definitely helps make it worth it)

You Just Never Know

Today was our first trip to the pool this summer and Ella was excited about going all morning. We met up with friends at a pool we went to many times last summer but as we got closer and closer to the water Ella started to freak out a little bit. She did not want to get in the water at all – even if I held her hand as we walked through it. I got the feeling it was the water spraying up everywhere that made her nervous so I took her over to a little baby pool that didn’t have any fountains and she seemed ok in there until she tripped and fell under the water and then she wanted nothing to do with any water what so ever. It was just so unexpected because last summer she was fine. Hopefully she’ll get used to it again or she is going to have a long hot summer!
(Ella’s Aunt Chloe is doing a Flat Stanley project so we’ve been taking pics with her “little Chloe” when we go out – this is right when we got to the pool and Ella did not want to stand that close to the water)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I Love Neil

Today while looking for a CD to put on while I did things around the house I came across a mix I made for Mike before I left for Uganda when we first started dating. It was really fun to listen to and brought back a lot of memories, but the first song on it was Cracklin’ Rosie by Neil Diamond and it just made me happy! I had forgotten how much I love Neil :-)! Later when I was getting in the car with the girls I grabbed my best of Neil Diamond CD and we rocked out as we drove. Ella loved acting crazy with me and even Addie was an instant fan! She was crying when we got back in at one point but as soon as the music started she was fine the rest of the way home. My love of Neil started when I was little in the car and my brother and I would make up our own words (instead of Song sung blue everybody knows one we would say Snot turns blue everybody’s nose runs for example – we were so clever!), so it looks like Ella and Addie are being doomed to a life of Neil loving as well!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

A REAL explosion!

I think all moms know that their babies always spit up and poop at the least opportune times – never when you are sitting at home with all your supplies readily available! Addie has done this on many occasions…my favorite being on our drive to Dallas to see the A’s play the Rangers (she had 3 “explosions” on the drive there, going through her cute outfit, her extra outfit and into pajamas before the game even started) and the most recent being when I was trying on clothes at Target earlier this week (after crying hysterically as I frantically whipped clothes on and off, she proceeded to have an explosion forcing me to cut our shopping short). Today Addie had an episode that caused me to redefine explosion. I think her earlier incidents would be more appropriately termed leaks! She looked very fancy in her cute silk dress from Meema and pearl bracelet from Nana. On the way to church I realized I didn’t have any of Addie’s diapers in my bag, but Mike said he’d come home and get one if needed. Well, we had probably been in sacrament meeting 15 minutes when he said he thought she was going. It was a few more minutes before we realized we had a BIG problem that couldn’t be solved at church. I had to take Addie all the way home (which luckily isn’t very far) to clean her up and put a new outfit on. This was definitely the real deal - an actual explosion! Sorry for the graphic picture!

I'm a Lion

Now that Ella actually has some hair to play with, it’s fun experimenting. I put her hair in rag curls last night for church this morning. She told me she was a lion when she saw them in the mirror.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Of course…

Addie has recently been waking up a couple times in the night which means I have to get up and go give her a pacifier. While this is definitely not as sleep disturbing as getting up to feed her, I am getting up nonetheless. Last night Mike was on duty since he didn’t have work this morning and guess who slept straight through until 6am? Addie. Thanks honey!

“Poopy” hair

These pics are from Thursday and Friday. Ella slept with her two braids in Thursday night and yesterday morning I took them out and did her hair in her room. When we went into the bathroom to brush her teeth she looked at herself in the mirror, made a disgusted face and touching her hair asked me, “What’s this?!” I told her it was poofy hair. (She’s only started wearing braids the last week or so and has never seen the resulting poofy hair because we usually take them out at night) Later in the day when we arrived at my parent’s house Ella got out of the car and said, “Nana, I have poopy hair!”


I belong to a couple websites where I take surveys on various products or services and then I earn points that can be redeemed for cash. On occasion they actually send me a product to try which is always fun – my favorite was chocolate truffles but I’ve also received other good things like Pantene shampoo and conditioner. Anyway, a couple weeks ago I was taking a survey about potty training when I was told that I qualified to be sent training pants for Ella to use. About a week later UPS dropped off a big box full of training pants, which I was pleasantly surprised to find were Pampers Feel N Learn and which Ella was pleasantly surprised to find had Dora AND Boots on them! Ella insists to call them “big girl panties” although I continue to call them big girl diapers and remind her that she has a drawer full of real big girl panties waiting for her. She has been excitedly telling me as soon as the goes in her “big girl panties” and pulls them off for a new one. Since we aren’t paying for them I’m encouraging her to change them as often as she wants, hoping this is some sort of progress towards using the actual potty soon. I’m definitely ready to be done changing her and buying diapers for 2 kids, but I’m also not excited to have to deal with constant potty stops – especially in instances like shopping at the mall, running errands all morning or driving 3 hours to San Antonio. It’s just one of those things I guess. Hopefully the next report will be that she has successfully used the potty – at least once!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Adventures in Motherhood

I posted this Monday on the other website I was talking about but for those of you who haven't heard about our zoo adventure, here it is again:

Well, Ella has been talking about going to the zoo for awhile now and we finally went today. All last night we talked about how fun it was going to be and this morning I woke up early to get everything together so we could leave nice and early (9:15 – pretty good!)and see everything before it got too hot. This morning Ella and I found all our books about the zoo or with animals we would see at the zoo in them for her to read on the drive there.

We were almost there when I noticed Ella was getting fidgety in her car seat. I thought it was because she wanted to get out so I told her to hold still because we were almost there and I handed her her blankie. Not a minute later she threw up all over – luckily the blanket caught most of it. Of course the light I was at turned red right as this happened so we were forced to sit there while Ella cried because she had throw up all over her. We were in an area downtown without any grocery stores, gas stations, etc. and the first place to pull over was a Mexican restaurant. So I got Ella out of her shirt and wiped the car seat down – it didn’t get it bad – and then tried to figure out what I should do with all the dirty stuff (we sure didn’t need it in the car with us!). I went into the restaurant (which didn’t open for 2 more hours) with a topless Ella and lugging Addie in her car seat (I left the blanket and shirt on the ground outside). I had to go back to the kitchen to find help and all the workers spoke no English of course but we were finally able to communicate that I needed a garbage bag.

So one crisis diverted, Ella felt fine after that. We waited a little bit and I assured her that if we went home we would come back Wednesday but she said “I feel good” and she was acting fine so we decided to stick to our plan.

We arrived at the zoo and as we pull around the corner I see hundreds of school buses lined up – of course – we haven’t gone to the zoo in over a year and I pick the day where there is like 5 school districts of Elementary school kids running around! What can you do?

We got everything/one situated in the stroller and I’m sure people were wondering why I brought my child to the zoo without clothes on, but what can you do. It ended up being a really good excuse to buy her a shirt from the zoo and they actually had really cute ones.

The rest of the zoo day went great. The weather was good and aside from Ella missing the Sea Lion show that I had her all excited about because of the car incident we saw pretty much everything. Ella loved it – she is at such a fun age to do that stuff.

Addie did well too. She is really funny – she LOVES her bed! Which is sooo nice when we are home, but not so nice when we are not. She’ll sleep about 30-45 minutes with someone holding her or in her car seat and that is it, so I was a little nervous about that with her. But she had so much to see and hear that she stayed pretty content. So it was a fun little adventure but I’m glad we’re not doing it again tomorrow – it was exhausting! I should have taken a picture of Ella in the stroller without her shirt for memory’s sake but here are some other cute ones).

(oh yeah, I was going to just throw Ella’s car seat cover in the washing machine when we got home and you can’t take it off the frame – what genius at Eddie Bauer designed that?!)


Well, I have finally given in and created a blog. I was posting entries on a website,, and realized what I was basically doing was a blog that was not very user friendly. After having a lot of fun reading everyone else's blogs I decided I would create my own.
A brief catch up... Mike and I have been living in the Houston area since finishing at BYU and have been in Katy for almost 2 years now. We love Texas - especially in the winter :-)! Gabriella Imani (Ella) turns 3 in August and Adeline Amani (Addie) just turned 3 months old. We are lucky enough to have both our families in Texas with us now. My family right here in Katy and Mike's just a short drive away in San Antonio. Come visit anytime!