Friday, May 4, 2007

Adventures in Motherhood

I posted this Monday on the other website I was talking about but for those of you who haven't heard about our zoo adventure, here it is again:

Well, Ella has been talking about going to the zoo for awhile now and we finally went today. All last night we talked about how fun it was going to be and this morning I woke up early to get everything together so we could leave nice and early (9:15 – pretty good!)and see everything before it got too hot. This morning Ella and I found all our books about the zoo or with animals we would see at the zoo in them for her to read on the drive there.

We were almost there when I noticed Ella was getting fidgety in her car seat. I thought it was because she wanted to get out so I told her to hold still because we were almost there and I handed her her blankie. Not a minute later she threw up all over – luckily the blanket caught most of it. Of course the light I was at turned red right as this happened so we were forced to sit there while Ella cried because she had throw up all over her. We were in an area downtown without any grocery stores, gas stations, etc. and the first place to pull over was a Mexican restaurant. So I got Ella out of her shirt and wiped the car seat down – it didn’t get it bad – and then tried to figure out what I should do with all the dirty stuff (we sure didn’t need it in the car with us!). I went into the restaurant (which didn’t open for 2 more hours) with a topless Ella and lugging Addie in her car seat (I left the blanket and shirt on the ground outside). I had to go back to the kitchen to find help and all the workers spoke no English of course but we were finally able to communicate that I needed a garbage bag.

So one crisis diverted, Ella felt fine after that. We waited a little bit and I assured her that if we went home we would come back Wednesday but she said “I feel good” and she was acting fine so we decided to stick to our plan.

We arrived at the zoo and as we pull around the corner I see hundreds of school buses lined up – of course – we haven’t gone to the zoo in over a year and I pick the day where there is like 5 school districts of Elementary school kids running around! What can you do?

We got everything/one situated in the stroller and I’m sure people were wondering why I brought my child to the zoo without clothes on, but what can you do. It ended up being a really good excuse to buy her a shirt from the zoo and they actually had really cute ones.

The rest of the zoo day went great. The weather was good and aside from Ella missing the Sea Lion show that I had her all excited about because of the car incident we saw pretty much everything. Ella loved it – she is at such a fun age to do that stuff.

Addie did well too. She is really funny – she LOVES her bed! Which is sooo nice when we are home, but not so nice when we are not. She’ll sleep about 30-45 minutes with someone holding her or in her car seat and that is it, so I was a little nervous about that with her. But she had so much to see and hear that she stayed pretty content. So it was a fun little adventure but I’m glad we’re not doing it again tomorrow – it was exhausting! I should have taken a picture of Ella in the stroller without her shirt for memory’s sake but here are some other cute ones).

(oh yeah, I was going to just throw Ella’s car seat cover in the washing machine when we got home and you can’t take it off the frame – what genius at Eddie Bauer designed that?!)

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