Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Day at the Park

Yesterday, and today too, the weather has been beautiful! Sunny and warm with a breeze - not scorching hot and not humid - so we took advantage and were outside all day. I took the girls on a walk to our neighborhood park in the morning. It was Addie's first time in the swings and Ella loved pushing her! I was playing in the sand with Ella and she said "Look mom." She found a dead worm that had dried up in the shape of a circle and put it on her finger like a ring. My instinct was to say "Yuck!" and make a disgusted face, causing Ella to freak out, scream and frantically shake it off her hand. Woops :-). When we got home Ella and I played and ate our lunch out back. Later when Mike went on his evening run we went along and walked the trail looking for animals - Ella spotted one little bunny (thank you bunny for saving us all from dealing with major disappointment!). The first time we went with Mike and told her she might see animals (he's seen rabbits, deer and wild pigs - pretty good for Houston) she got excited about seeing giraffes and elephants - we had burst her bubble and tell her we only see those kinds of animals at the zoo. Addie actually slept the whole time too so it was relaxing and peaceful (the last time we went she cried the whole time). Pretty soon it is going to be way to hot to do anything but swim outside so it's been nice to have a few more days to enjoy the outdoors first.

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