Friday, May 11, 2007

Day of Nothing

Today I had absolutely nothing that HAD to be done and it was so nice! I rarely have a day with nothing planned or scheduled or without an errand to run, so I took full advantage of it! Even on days when we are doing something fun or not very important, like going to the library or a play date, it can still add stress to the morning because we have to all be ready and out of the house by a certain time. Today we lounged around in our pajamas and I had time to read Ella the rest of her library books when she asked. We played with Addie in HER room with HER toys (the poor kid is typically stuck watching Ella have fun)! Then Ella and I painted while Addie took her nap. Nana came by for lunch and then it was already naptime for everyone. Although I was tempted to take a nap too since Ella actually fell asleep today, I caught up on Addie’s baby book instead. I felt like I had accomplished something and then looked at the calendar and realized that it’s almost time to write in Ella’s journal again – there’s always something I guess. Mike took his physics classes to Six Flags in San Antonio and won’t be back until late tonight so we’ve still got time to kill by ourselves before bedtime but it’s definitely been a nice change of pace. I forgot how nice it is to just have a day at home hanging out. I personally don’t always want to go out and do things but I often feel like Ella needs to do something fun everyday (not to mention sometimes I want someone else to occupy her for a little while). I definitely think I’m going to try and spend more time at home with just me and the girls when I don’t have errands to run or vacuuming to get done – I’m sure they’ve appreciated the break too.

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