Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The next American Idol :-)

Ella loves watching American Idol (or "the singing show" as she calls it). When she takes a nap on Tuesdays I let her stay up and watch it with us. She makes me dance to most the songs with her, which makes it a little hard to watch, but she loves it! I sing her I am a Child of God before she goes to bed at night and she often sings a long with me but last night she sang the whole thing by herself without any prompting from me. I went and got the camera and although it was better the first time of course, she did a good job :-)! I'll try to post it directly in here later but for now hopefully this will work. Try this link if the top part doesn't work for you,

Here's another from March:



Kim said...

What a crack up! Ella's definitely got my vote. I especially loved the way she cleared her throat and started singing again - and with dance moves behind-the-counter and all, she'll be famous before kindergarten!

janessa gibson said...

Wow! Ella's quite the singer! I am impressed!

Caroline said...

So cute Marci! I love your girls!

robandsara said...

oh my goodness! that was so cute! I can't believe what a little rocker you have on your hands. She's gonna be famous, Marci!