Thursday, May 24, 2007

No Fun

Yesterday was the first time I’ve really felt sick in awhile – and the first time with 2 kids. I felt ok most of the day but by the afternoon I needed a nap, which of course didn’t happen. I put Ella down for her nap (Addie was already sleeping) and went to lay down. Not too long after I heard banging in Ella’s room and went and reminded her she was supposed to be sleeping. Then about 30 minutes later Addie woke up ready to eat and play. What can you do? Mike went back to work in the evening which left me to get the girls down by myself. Ella was sooo good which was helpful – the evenings can be a rough time with no nap. She kept telling me “I’m sorry you’re sick.” I let Ella watch another show (she was thrilled of course) so I could just lay in bed while she watched. Poor Ella was bathed and in bed at 6:45pm and Addie went down not much later - we survived it and I’m feeling much better today.

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