Sunday, May 6, 2007

A REAL explosion!

I think all moms know that their babies always spit up and poop at the least opportune times – never when you are sitting at home with all your supplies readily available! Addie has done this on many occasions…my favorite being on our drive to Dallas to see the A’s play the Rangers (she had 3 “explosions” on the drive there, going through her cute outfit, her extra outfit and into pajamas before the game even started) and the most recent being when I was trying on clothes at Target earlier this week (after crying hysterically as I frantically whipped clothes on and off, she proceeded to have an explosion forcing me to cut our shopping short). Today Addie had an episode that caused me to redefine explosion. I think her earlier incidents would be more appropriately termed leaks! She looked very fancy in her cute silk dress from Meema and pearl bracelet from Nana. On the way to church I realized I didn’t have any of Addie’s diapers in my bag, but Mike said he’d come home and get one if needed. Well, we had probably been in sacrament meeting 15 minutes when he said he thought she was going. It was a few more minutes before we realized we had a BIG problem that couldn’t be solved at church. I had to take Addie all the way home (which luckily isn’t very far) to clean her up and put a new outfit on. This was definitely the real deal - an actual explosion! Sorry for the graphic picture!

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