Thursday, May 10, 2007

You Just Never Know

Today was our first trip to the pool this summer and Ella was excited about going all morning. We met up with friends at a pool we went to many times last summer but as we got closer and closer to the water Ella started to freak out a little bit. She did not want to get in the water at all – even if I held her hand as we walked through it. I got the feeling it was the water spraying up everywhere that made her nervous so I took her over to a little baby pool that didn’t have any fountains and she seemed ok in there until she tripped and fell under the water and then she wanted nothing to do with any water what so ever. It was just so unexpected because last summer she was fine. Hopefully she’ll get used to it again or she is going to have a long hot summer!
(Ella’s Aunt Chloe is doing a Flat Stanley project so we’ve been taking pics with her “little Chloe” when we go out – this is right when we got to the pool and Ella did not want to stand that close to the water)

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