Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ella's Wants

Tonight we were reading some princess stories...

Ella: "I want a horse."
Me: "Well, most people don't get their own horse. They are just to ride and look at."

Next page:

Ella: "I want a beast."
Me: No response :-)

Today is Mike's birthday too - the big 29 :-) - I'll post pics from it soon.

5 Months!

Addie's 5 month birthday was yesterday. I can't believe how time flies - next month she'll be 6 months and that just seems so old already. She is as cute as ever of course :-)! We celebrated with a taste of can judge for yourself, but I think she still prefers plain rice cereal for now!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Getting Younger

So, it seems I am getting younger - although I definitely feel like I'm getting older. In recent months I have surprised many by telling them my age (as in the person who thought I was 19 that I wrote about recently). Here is the latest...I worked yesterday afternoon and was in the front of the store with the owner Laura and a customer talking. A man came in selling steaks (only Texas - right?:-) He asked Laura, who declined, asked the other woman, who declined also, and then looked at me and just said, "Oh, you're too young" and walked out. I was telling Mike about this later and he thought maybe it is because a lot of high school students have jobs similar to mine (although it's all moms that work at the store) - most of the comments on my age do come when I am working though so I thought maybe he was right. Well, this morning I went to a kickboxing class at the gym. This particular teacher is popular so the room was packed with 58 people - she counted, I swear! We were pretty well into our workout when an M.C. Hammer song started and she says looking around the room, "It doesn't look like I need to tell anyone in here who M.C. Hammer is..." and then from the full room of sweaty, kicking and punching ladies she points to me and says, "...well, maybe you." What?! Do I really look that young? I honestly don't see it. What do people think when I am out running errands with Ella and Addie? That I had Ella when I was 15? Anyway, it gave me a good laugh at the gym today - it makes me laugh just thinking about it again :-). I think I'll have a T-shirt or a bandanna or button made that says "I'M 26 YEARS OLD!" and start wearing it everywhere I go to avoid any confusion!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ella's view of Africa

I think Geography must be one of the hardest concepts for a child to grasp. I know Ella already has issues because Kayley named her dog Texas and now if I mention to Ella something about living in Texas she thinks I’m talking about the dog (thanks a lot Kayley!). Tonight Ella picked out “Papa, Do You Love Me?” as one of her bedtime books. While we were reading it she told me she wanted to go to Africa. I told her I did too and then she said, “I want to see boy and Papa in Africa and lots of animals.” So if we ever do make it to Africa as a family Ella is going to be disappointed to not actually meet the boy and his Papa from the story. I love trying to figure out what she is thinking about things...I’m quite sure she doesn’t understand that Africa is another continent really far from here and my guess is she probably thinks that the little boy and his dad are the only ones who live there. I bet she has a little fantasy in her imagination where she goes to “Africa” and the little boy takes her around to see all the animals from the book and they play, have fun, and drink water from a calabash (something she was especially interested in tonight) and then she comes back home later that day.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

5K Day

When Mike decided to start training for 5K’s he found a race in the Woodlands (about 45 min from Katy) that they do every other Saturday and only costs $1. It is very low key (unlike the 5K he did in Katy that I posted about last month) but is a great way to run a race and get an official time without paying $20 each time. This was his 3rd race here – and the first time I remembered my camera. Chrissy and her friend Zack drove out from San Antonio for the race too:

Ella joining in the pre-race stretching with Dad.

Mike and Chrissy waiting for the race to begin. I want you all to know I sacrificed for this picture! I stepped right in a huge fire ant mound when I took it (good one Marci!), getting my first bites of the whole summer. I have a bad reaction to all bug bites and had been so happy (and proud) that I had avoided fire ants so far (mosquitoes are another story) – oh well.

Luckily the race meets at an Elementary school that has a little playground to keep Ella occupied. Addie slept in the sling while I played catch with Ella – almost the entire time. I know at some point in my life I knew how to play tether ball but I have no memory of it anymore… I just love to hear Ella say “tether ball”!

Mike’s final strides into the finish.

Chrissy approaching the finish line.

More Videos

I've been taking lots of little video clips for some reason, so here are some more to share...
Here is Ella singing to the Wiggles in the car on the way to Mike's 5K yesterday. I'm always amazed at how many words she remembers in all these songs for how little she is:

Addie has been rolling from her tummy to back for awhile and occasionally would roll from her back to tummy on accident. Now I can get her to do it to her right side on purpose...we're still working on the left...

Friday, June 22, 2007


It's been a trying few weeks with Ella for the most part but each day she seems to say or do something that completely makes up for any stress she caused earlier. Today we had a couple outbursts combined with 2 huge potty accidents that were right by the toilet (I think is was more frustrating to clean up knowing that in 3 more seconds she would have made it to the seat)- the last being right before bed which didn't put me in a great mood for our bedtime routine. I gave her a task to do and went and put on my pajamas. When Ella walked in she looked up and said, "That is a bootiful shirt mom." It was just a gray BYU T-shirt. It totally made me smile and completely changed my mood, which Ella noticed (she's a smarty :-) and said, "Those are bootiful pants mom." I just gave her a hug and said "Thanks Ella. I love you."

Addie Shows

Addie is mastering sitting - she is getting better and better :-):

A conversation with Addie:


Addie was fussing in her crib when I was reading Ella her bedtime stories so I brought her in with us. They looked so cute on the bed together I had to take a picture!

Big Girl Hair

I gave Ella a little hair cut Monday night and she looks sooo cute! The last trim was at Christmas time it has continued growing in the back but the sides were still pretty short. Now it is all even and she looks so big! I let her eat a popsicle in the bathtub while I cut it and promised her fruit snacks at the end if she held still (she had the same promise in Dec but didn’t hold still and so I didn’t give her the treat and she remembered!) and she did really well. She felt beautiful at the end and wanted me to keep taking pictures of her outside. Here are a few of them:

Ready for Real Food

Addie has been enjoying her rice cereal for about a week now and she LOVES it! This picture is from her very first try. She is sooo ready for real food (as am I)! She watches us longingly when we eat our tasty food – like she knows she is missing out. I can’t even feed her while I’m eating now because she just stops what she is doing and tries to get my food.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fun with Friends

Last night we had some friends for dinner and to hang out. It was a lot of fun, of course :-)!

Ella being silly again - surprise! Followed by Johnny and Ella enjoying their ice cream. To get them both to look at the camera had to sound as puzzled as ever and say, "What IS this?" they both looked at me and we took the picture fast!

Mckell (Johnny's mom), me and Addie in Allie's sling-which Addie LOVES by the way, Allie and Jace, and Stephanie and Ashley.

I'm Feeding Addie an......

I was working on dinner and could hear Ella talking to nicely Addie - trying to positively reinforce this good behavior I said, "Ella, you are playing so nicely with Addie. Thank you!" Ella replied, "Thanks, I'm just feeding her an elephant." When I looked over she was doing just that.

An Ella series

This is a typical series of shots trying to get Ella to smile at me now - she LOVES to be funny......

The A's in Houston!

It was a happy day for Mike when his beloved Oakland A's played a series against the Houston Astro's! Since they are from different leagues we typically have to drive up to Dallas (4 hours) to see them.

Mike's family all came out for the game, including his grandparents who were visiting from CA.

I did my best to be an A's fan - wearing my only green shirt :-).

It was a rare occasion - Addie actually passed out on me while I was holding her...the not rare part - it didn't last very long.

Mike's longtime friend Josh and his wife Stephanie are living in Houston while he is in school and met us at the ballpark.

Smiley Faces

Ella was coloring Scott his birthday card and she made her first real smiley face. I freaked out of course - it is quite an accomplishment! She drew a couple more - one which she proclaimed was a sad face with a very exaggerated frown of her own.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Worth staying up for

Yes, I'm supposed to be sleeping right now but I saw this on Janessa's blog and had to give it a try myself right away. Just go to and select face recognition to find your own celeb matches! I was curious to see what it said. Today I was thinking about what people think of me when they see me and why after a lady asked how old I was when she found out I have 2 children. When I told her I was 26 she said, "Oh! I thought you were 19!" I guess that should be taken as a compliment?!? So it is fitting to give this a try tonight I suppose.

Now, one of my look-a-likes is Dakota Fanning...coincidence?
Here are Mike and the girls':

I was laughing pretty hard at Mike's results :-)! There are so many girls on it and even the guys look nothing like him! Joaquin Phoenix (sp?) who has a similar nose and mouth to Mike didn't even make the cut!

I just did the girls for fun - I know they are really too little, but I did think it was interesting Ella brought up so many Asian celebs- not to mention Matthew Fox.

Eczema question

I have a lot to post but it's been a crazy week. Just a quick question for everyone. Did anyone's babies have eczema at anytime? I know it can be quite common and I think Addie has it on her little bum. Ella never had it so I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips for it? Thanks and I'll post my pics and stories from the week in the next couple days hopefully.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Girls' Night Out = New Recipe Blog

My friend McKell had the wonderful idea to have a girls' night where we exchanged recipes because we are always looking for new ideas. It was lots of fun to have some girl talk :-) and eat tasty food (we all brought things to try)! We have now started a blog where we can post recipes and find new ones to try. It just began tonight so check back soon for more....

I'll post the link under "My Favorites." Hopefully I'll get on in the next couple days to post some of my favorite recipes.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Yesterday was a really sad day for my family. Jewely, the first and only dog we’ve had (we always had cats), reached the end of her little life. She was 5 years old when I convinced my family to adopt her (hence the name Jewely, she already had it and we thought she was too old to change it so my mom just tried to make it look cuter, and less human like, by spelling it like that). The summer after my freshmen year at BYU I got a random job as a veterinary technician. There were a few dogs kenneled in back that needed homes and Jewely was one of them. She had a condition where she needed to eat prescription dog food or she would develop complications needing surgery. Her original owners had wanted to put her to sleep because they didn’t want to go through with the surgery. My vet wouldn’t do it and kept her instead. A couple kind of scary families (they really were!) came to look at her but once they found out about her diet they always picked another dog instead. Jewely quickly became one of my favorite dogs there because she was so calm and never made any messes for me to clean up (if you know what I mean). She always looked so sad when the other dogs got taken home and she was still stuck in her cage. I told my family about her and they decided to adopt her. I remember taking Jewely home that first day and she was soooo excited! Like I mentioned we’d never had a dog and I held her leash the whole drive home because I was afraid she was going to jump out the window she was sticking her head so far out! Scott and Hope were really little still (5 and 3 I think) and they were just as excited to have Jewely as she was to be there! I went back to college but Jewely was always excited to see me when I came home for visits – she knew I was her hero :-). Because I didn't live with her everyday I didn't become quite as attached as my family naturally did - especially Scott, who is an animal lover by nature and has grown up with her over the 8 years my family had her. It was definitely an emotional day for everyone but we know she's happier now - she had been really sick these past couple weeks. She was able to be part of a family and be loved all these years and now she'll be missed greatly.
(The picture is from the first day we brought her home)

A visit from Brittany

Brittany came out this way for a speech therapist workshop in Houston on Saturday and was able to stay the whole weekend with us. Ella loved all the attention she got! It was nice to not have a rushed visit – that is one thing I’ve noticed with everyone living so close, we don’t get lots of one on one time with any one person because Everyone is here so there is always a lot going on. Of course, there are many more positives to having everyone here than negatives and we definitely prefer this to having to fly all over to see everyone!

Friday Fun

On Friday the girls and I got together with some friends from our first ward in Houston (none of us live downtown anymore though). All our babies were born within one month of eachother. Jace was first and two weeks later Addie was born, followed 2 weeks later by Ashley. Ella was the only "big kid" there and she was trooper! Although the kids aren't very social yet :-), it's always nice to talk with friends - especially when we're all dealing with the same baby issues/ages together! Here are a few pictures from the day:

Ella and Addie before we left the house. I wanted them to match when I took the picture but didn't realize how patriotic they were until looking at the shots later.

All the little ones: Addie (who is already so used to having her picture taken she smiles when she sees the camera :-), Jace and Ashley.

Ashley, Jace and Addie from the back

Friday, June 8, 2007

From Ella with Love

Last night my mom gave Ella a Hershey's kiss to give me. This is what it looked like by the time I got it. I have received many treats in this state, already loved by Ella!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

My Random Thoughts

My random thoughts of the day:

- I am so excited that So You Think You Can Dance has started again! I love to watch it at night while I eat chips and/or ice cream and wish I could move my body like that (having my body look like that wouldn’t be too bad either)!

- For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been working at a little resale shop for children a few afternoons a week since Ella was about 18 months old. A new owner took over the shop this past weekend (the old one had it for 5 years I believe) and her 2 daughters are helping her. Both the daughters have little babies, one 7 months and one 3 months, that they bring with them. One daughter lives with the mom and is there all the time and today was my first time working with the other daughter. They are all very into natural everything having to do with babies…doulas, cloth diapers, organic shampoos, baby wearing, etc. and of course breastfeeding. Although I am yet to be converted to cloth diapers I have found it quite fascinating to learn about them (we are selling them now so I had to learn a thing or two) – I had no idea there were so many different fabrics, styles and brands associated with it! The daughter that is there all the time often breastfeeds her baby while at work but the baby is typically in a sling and you hardly notice it (although I still sometimes feel uncomfortable talking to her while she does it). Well, today when I walked in the door the other daughter was sitting at the counter feeding her baby with her exposed side facing towards the door. She wasn’t making any attempt to cover anything and I was just shocked really - and I am a breastfeeding mother myself. I’m all for breastfeeding but I mean, man alive, you can be discreet about it!

- It is such a small world in the Mormon community! My most recent examples...a girl who was in the club Student’s for International Development at BYU with me just moved into our wardrecently. Also my friend Sarah, who set Mike and I up on our blind date, just had a baby and I noticed a name in the announcement email she sent out that was the same as my visiting teaching supervisor’s – turns out it is the same lady! There are 5 wards in Katy, so it is really crazy that we all ended up together!

- I picked up a copy of the Houston Family Magazine today when I took the girls to the library and there is an article inside called, “Avoid the ‘Roid.” It is about teaching your teen athletes to say no to steroid use. I don’t know if that strikes anyone else as crazy but I never thought about high school athletes having to struggle with whether or not to use them. With pro athletes it seems to be a given now and I suppose you assume college athletes start to deal with it as the time to go pro gets closer and closer, but high school?!

- I DVR’d the Republican debate and flipped through it – the first debate I’ve ever really watched I’m ashamed to say (my brother and grandfather would disown me if they knew!). I was more curious to see Mitt Romney than anything else, but actually found it much more interesting than I expected. It made me wish I had watched the Democratic debate also just to see what the real differences were. It was mentioned at some point in the night that at the Democratic debate only one candidate was in favor of keeping English as the official language of our country. This seems really bizarre to me. I mean, to go to school here, get a good job here, etc. you must speak English and it is the United States. I think it’s important that we do more to learn other languages – I wish I could speak Spanish and that I was teaching my kids to speak Spanish while they were young – but I definitely think English should still be our official language.

- I have a gym membership now – yeah!!! I’m excited to get back in shape and go to some real aerobics classes. I was moderately successful at working out on my own but this will make it much easier. Especially once I switch Addie to formula. I’m going to get to 6 months with her (2 more months to go) and I’m very proud of myself! I know breastfeeding is best for babies but I also get annoyed when people act like if you don’t do it you are harming your child. Ella was on formula by 2 ½ months, which is early I admit, but you know what? She turned out just fine! She is smart and healthy (and cute of course) and I feel completely bonded to her. I am glad I have been more persistent with Addie (I think it made a difference that she was my 2nd, because that has been my time with her) but I am still excited to get myself completely back to normal again.

- I’ll end my ramblings with a cute Ella story from last night...when Mike got home from work last night he went in and gave Ella a kiss. She semi-woke up and said, “Daddy?” he bent down to give her a kiss and she put her little arm around his neck and said, “I missed you at work today.”

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mastering the Mouse

Last week we found a Dora computer game at the library. Ella loves it and is getting used to the mouse on the computer. I never think about the coordination it really takes to use since we are so familiar with it. It's crazy to think about how computer savvy our kids will be at young ages compared to what we were!

I didn't want Addie to feel bad for not having any videos posted :-) so here is one of her latest discovery...spitting.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Funny hair

So, it looks our family has an obsession with fake hair...this time coming from Chloe's Build-a-Bear.

Trip to San Antonio

We went to San Antonio this weekend to help Mike's family move into their new house. It was Addie's first official trip away from home and it was nice to get away for a little while. I was able to get out of most the hard work because I was taking care of the girls :-). While there Mike had his family rent the first season of Lost and I think we were successful in getting them hooked on the show too. Here are a few pictures from the trip...

The moving in action (Brittany, Chrissy, Mike's dad, Mike, and Chrissy's friend Zack)

Mike and I with a HUGE remote we found in a box and I programmed for their TV myself(I am very proud of that accomplishment!)