Sunday, June 24, 2007

5K Day

When Mike decided to start training for 5K’s he found a race in the Woodlands (about 45 min from Katy) that they do every other Saturday and only costs $1. It is very low key (unlike the 5K he did in Katy that I posted about last month) but is a great way to run a race and get an official time without paying $20 each time. This was his 3rd race here – and the first time I remembered my camera. Chrissy and her friend Zack drove out from San Antonio for the race too:

Ella joining in the pre-race stretching with Dad.

Mike and Chrissy waiting for the race to begin. I want you all to know I sacrificed for this picture! I stepped right in a huge fire ant mound when I took it (good one Marci!), getting my first bites of the whole summer. I have a bad reaction to all bug bites and had been so happy (and proud) that I had avoided fire ants so far (mosquitoes are another story) – oh well.

Luckily the race meets at an Elementary school that has a little playground to keep Ella occupied. Addie slept in the sling while I played catch with Ella – almost the entire time. I know at some point in my life I knew how to play tether ball but I have no memory of it anymore… I just love to hear Ella say “tether ball”!

Mike’s final strides into the finish.

Chrissy approaching the finish line.

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