Friday, June 22, 2007


It's been a trying few weeks with Ella for the most part but each day she seems to say or do something that completely makes up for any stress she caused earlier. Today we had a couple outbursts combined with 2 huge potty accidents that were right by the toilet (I think is was more frustrating to clean up knowing that in 3 more seconds she would have made it to the seat)- the last being right before bed which didn't put me in a great mood for our bedtime routine. I gave her a task to do and went and put on my pajamas. When Ella walked in she looked up and said, "That is a bootiful shirt mom." It was just a gray BYU T-shirt. It totally made me smile and completely changed my mood, which Ella noticed (she's a smarty :-) and said, "Those are bootiful pants mom." I just gave her a hug and said "Thanks Ella. I love you."

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