Saturday, June 16, 2007

Eczema question

I have a lot to post but it's been a crazy week. Just a quick question for everyone. Did anyone's babies have eczema at anytime? I know it can be quite common and I think Addie has it on her little bum. Ella never had it so I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips for it? Thanks and I'll post my pics and stories from the week in the next couple days hopefully.

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Jamie said...

Yes, my kids had it -- I have tried it all -- elocon, desonide, elidell. . . and hydrocortisone. Try hydrocortisone first b/c it is over the counter. Elocon works ok, but it is a steroid and not to be used on their faces. I loved Elidell until now there is a cancer warning about excessive use, but hands down the best is this beeswax lotion bar. I found it from an online chat room and bought it from some company -- I will have to find it and tell you and it worked like a charm and was all natural so i even felt good about using it!