Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ella's view of Africa

I think Geography must be one of the hardest concepts for a child to grasp. I know Ella already has issues because Kayley named her dog Texas and now if I mention to Ella something about living in Texas she thinks I’m talking about the dog (thanks a lot Kayley!). Tonight Ella picked out “Papa, Do You Love Me?” as one of her bedtime books. While we were reading it she told me she wanted to go to Africa. I told her I did too and then she said, “I want to see boy and Papa in Africa and lots of animals.” So if we ever do make it to Africa as a family Ella is going to be disappointed to not actually meet the boy and his Papa from the story. I love trying to figure out what she is thinking about things...I’m quite sure she doesn’t understand that Africa is another continent really far from here and my guess is she probably thinks that the little boy and his dad are the only ones who live there. I bet she has a little fantasy in her imagination where she goes to “Africa” and the little boy takes her around to see all the animals from the book and they play, have fun, and drink water from a calabash (something she was especially interested in tonight) and then she comes back home later that day.


The Chrissy Herself said...

You're such a good mom, Marci! :) I think it is so sweet that you adore your little girls SO much :) You're amazing!

robandsara said...

I need to get this book for Jasper! Sounds neat. I love to think about how kids think. It's funny, because some of those things that you get mixed up about as a kid, stick mixed up in your brain for a long time!