Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Yesterday was a really sad day for my family. Jewely, the first and only dog we’ve had (we always had cats), reached the end of her little life. She was 5 years old when I convinced my family to adopt her (hence the name Jewely, she already had it and we thought she was too old to change it so my mom just tried to make it look cuter, and less human like, by spelling it like that). The summer after my freshmen year at BYU I got a random job as a veterinary technician. There were a few dogs kenneled in back that needed homes and Jewely was one of them. She had a condition where she needed to eat prescription dog food or she would develop complications needing surgery. Her original owners had wanted to put her to sleep because they didn’t want to go through with the surgery. My vet wouldn’t do it and kept her instead. A couple kind of scary families (they really were!) came to look at her but once they found out about her diet they always picked another dog instead. Jewely quickly became one of my favorite dogs there because she was so calm and never made any messes for me to clean up (if you know what I mean). She always looked so sad when the other dogs got taken home and she was still stuck in her cage. I told my family about her and they decided to adopt her. I remember taking Jewely home that first day and she was soooo excited! Like I mentioned we’d never had a dog and I held her leash the whole drive home because I was afraid she was going to jump out the window she was sticking her head so far out! Scott and Hope were really little still (5 and 3 I think) and they were just as excited to have Jewely as she was to be there! I went back to college but Jewely was always excited to see me when I came home for visits – she knew I was her hero :-). Because I didn't live with her everyday I didn't become quite as attached as my family naturally did - especially Scott, who is an animal lover by nature and has grown up with her over the 8 years my family had her. It was definitely an emotional day for everyone but we know she's happier now - she had been really sick these past couple weeks. She was able to be part of a family and be loved all these years and now she'll be missed greatly.
(The picture is from the first day we brought her home)

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mminer said...


Thanks for your note about
Jewely. We all miss her. She
was really a great dog and
became part of the family.