Thursday, June 7, 2007

My Random Thoughts

My random thoughts of the day:

- I am so excited that So You Think You Can Dance has started again! I love to watch it at night while I eat chips and/or ice cream and wish I could move my body like that (having my body look like that wouldn’t be too bad either)!

- For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been working at a little resale shop for children a few afternoons a week since Ella was about 18 months old. A new owner took over the shop this past weekend (the old one had it for 5 years I believe) and her 2 daughters are helping her. Both the daughters have little babies, one 7 months and one 3 months, that they bring with them. One daughter lives with the mom and is there all the time and today was my first time working with the other daughter. They are all very into natural everything having to do with babies…doulas, cloth diapers, organic shampoos, baby wearing, etc. and of course breastfeeding. Although I am yet to be converted to cloth diapers I have found it quite fascinating to learn about them (we are selling them now so I had to learn a thing or two) – I had no idea there were so many different fabrics, styles and brands associated with it! The daughter that is there all the time often breastfeeds her baby while at work but the baby is typically in a sling and you hardly notice it (although I still sometimes feel uncomfortable talking to her while she does it). Well, today when I walked in the door the other daughter was sitting at the counter feeding her baby with her exposed side facing towards the door. She wasn’t making any attempt to cover anything and I was just shocked really - and I am a breastfeeding mother myself. I’m all for breastfeeding but I mean, man alive, you can be discreet about it!

- It is such a small world in the Mormon community! My most recent examples...a girl who was in the club Student’s for International Development at BYU with me just moved into our wardrecently. Also my friend Sarah, who set Mike and I up on our blind date, just had a baby and I noticed a name in the announcement email she sent out that was the same as my visiting teaching supervisor’s – turns out it is the same lady! There are 5 wards in Katy, so it is really crazy that we all ended up together!

- I picked up a copy of the Houston Family Magazine today when I took the girls to the library and there is an article inside called, “Avoid the ‘Roid.” It is about teaching your teen athletes to say no to steroid use. I don’t know if that strikes anyone else as crazy but I never thought about high school athletes having to struggle with whether or not to use them. With pro athletes it seems to be a given now and I suppose you assume college athletes start to deal with it as the time to go pro gets closer and closer, but high school?!

- I DVR’d the Republican debate and flipped through it – the first debate I’ve ever really watched I’m ashamed to say (my brother and grandfather would disown me if they knew!). I was more curious to see Mitt Romney than anything else, but actually found it much more interesting than I expected. It made me wish I had watched the Democratic debate also just to see what the real differences were. It was mentioned at some point in the night that at the Democratic debate only one candidate was in favor of keeping English as the official language of our country. This seems really bizarre to me. I mean, to go to school here, get a good job here, etc. you must speak English and it is the United States. I think it’s important that we do more to learn other languages – I wish I could speak Spanish and that I was teaching my kids to speak Spanish while they were young – but I definitely think English should still be our official language.

- I have a gym membership now – yeah!!! I’m excited to get back in shape and go to some real aerobics classes. I was moderately successful at working out on my own but this will make it much easier. Especially once I switch Addie to formula. I’m going to get to 6 months with her (2 more months to go) and I’m very proud of myself! I know breastfeeding is best for babies but I also get annoyed when people act like if you don’t do it you are harming your child. Ella was on formula by 2 ½ months, which is early I admit, but you know what? She turned out just fine! She is smart and healthy (and cute of course) and I feel completely bonded to her. I am glad I have been more persistent with Addie (I think it made a difference that she was my 2nd, because that has been my time with her) but I am still excited to get myself completely back to normal again.

- I’ll end my ramblings with a cute Ella story from last night...when Mike got home from work last night he went in and gave Ella a kiss. She semi-woke up and said, “Daddy?” he bent down to give her a kiss and she put her little arm around his neck and said, “I missed you at work today.”

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Tecia said...

Your blog is so cute! I love So you think you can dance, too. I'm such a sucker for it and American Idol...I think I just want to sing and dance like the contestants...oh well. Your girls are dolls! Seriously cute!
-Tecia Kearns (Lundeen)