Saturday, June 16, 2007

Worth staying up for

Yes, I'm supposed to be sleeping right now but I saw this on Janessa's blog and had to give it a try myself right away. Just go to and select face recognition to find your own celeb matches! I was curious to see what it said. Today I was thinking about what people think of me when they see me and why after a lady asked how old I was when she found out I have 2 children. When I told her I was 26 she said, "Oh! I thought you were 19!" I guess that should be taken as a compliment?!? So it is fitting to give this a try tonight I suppose.

Now, one of my look-a-likes is Dakota Fanning...coincidence?
Here are Mike and the girls':

I was laughing pretty hard at Mike's results :-)! There are so many girls on it and even the guys look nothing like him! Joaquin Phoenix (sp?) who has a similar nose and mouth to Mike didn't even make the cut!

I just did the girls for fun - I know they are really too little, but I did think it was interesting Ella brought up so many Asian celebs- not to mention Matthew Fox.

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janessa gibson said...

Hey Marci~
I like your results! You got a lot of high percents too--I can see a lot of you in them. Fun stuff....
Also, with the excema thing---My girls have it off and on--We just buy deep moisturizing cream--they make special lotions too....Eucerin cream has always been recommended to me to.