Monday, July 30, 2007

Just for fun

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

6 months old !?!

Today Addie hit the 6 month mark – I can’t believe it! She isn’t a teeny baby anymore, which is both sad and exciting. Her little personality is really coming through and she is sooo smiley! I’m glad she is such a happy baby because I worry constantly about her getting enough attention (especially one on one with me) and if she was a serious baby I may need counseling – fearing that I had ruined her for life! She is sitting up well, getting a kick out of her big sister, enjoying new foods and very near to an actual crawl. Today is her first completely bottle-fed day and although I have been slowly cutting back feedings for 2 weeks now, I’m still feeling some serious discomfort! Although I have mixed feelings about being completely done with breastfeedings (sad take away that time with Addie, but overjoyed to get my body completely back), I’m so proud of myself for making it so far! Addie’s 6 month doctor’s appointment is Wednesday and I’m very curious to see what she is weighing in at these days – we’ll let you know.

We have a busy week ahead of us that will end with Ella’s birthday party on Saturday. She turns 3 on August 13th and this is her first real party with her little friends. It’s going to be Dora, Dora and more Dora…. and I’m hoping it goes well! I’m beginning to feel a little stressed because I have no idea what I am doing as far as throwing a little kid birthday party. She has only been able to attend one other party and I wish I had seen what a few others had done. I know Ella will have fun no matter what everyone else thinks though and that is what really matters, right?! I’ll be sure to post away about how it all goes. Here are pictures from today before church. If you want to find some of my girls' cute things (the pacifier clip, monogrammed bloomers, etc.), check out Pineapple Hill, I have the link under my Shopping too. I’ll be adding a video of Addie later but the computer is not cooperating right now so I’m going to go enjoy my evening and try again later……Here it is......

Friday, July 27, 2007

Froggy Stripes

Yesterday morning we discovered a little friend in our pool.
Ella found him quite interesting and got closer to him than I thought she would.
Then we came up with a name for him before he hopped away to go back to his friends.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


As Ella's mom I naturally think she is the smartest and most talented child in the world :-)! But every now and then she does or says things that really wow me and I'd like to think they would even if she wasn't my daughter. Tonight we sat down on the couch to watch So You Think You Can Dance for a minute before I put her to bed. When I turned on the TV a girl was dancing and Ella said something I didn't quite hear/understand. I asked her what she said and she replied, "It's John." "It's on?" I asked. She got a little frustrated with my incompetence, "No, it's John." Then I realized the girl was dancing to a John Mayer song. A month or two ago (it's been awhile) I had his new CD in the car and we took turns listening to that and the Wiggles. Now come on, isn't it amazing that she knew it was him?!


Late yesterday afternoon I got a call from my brother Mack that he was driving into Houston for the night! He has been so busy with work that this is the first time we have seen him since Christmas...which means this is also the first time he and Addie got to meet each other! It was a fun surprise and nice to get to visit with him - even it was only for a couple hours before I had to head home to put the girls to bed. If you're wondering why he looks a little confused in the picture it's because he has never heard/seen me trying to get Addie to look at me and smile - it's obviously entertaining to all :-)!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Only Daddy can...

A little background on this story...a couple weeks after we moved into our house last winter Ella discovered there were some glow in the dark stars on her ceiling - it was an exciting find!...Last night Mike was at work when I tucked Ella in and it was dark enough for the stars to be glowing (since summer started it usually is too light in her room at her bedtime). Ella looked up and then sadly told me, "I need Dad." Mike is tall enough that he holds her up and helps her touch the stars and she was so sad he couldn't help her last night. Then around 11pm I heard Ella crying softly in her room and went in. After asking her a couple times what was wrong she told me she wanted Dad. When Mike came in she told him her legs hurt. She has gotten growing pains a couple times and Mike massages her little legs to make them feel better. So often she wants me to do everything that it was cute to have both those things happen last night that only Dad could help her with!

Reaping the Rewards of Reading

We live right in the middle of two libraries and signed Ella up for the summer reading programs at both. She got to pick a free book at one and got a trophy at the other. We also have H-E-B grocery stores that are very kid friendly and we filled out their summer reading form as well. They mailed Ella a shirt - which she was probably most excited about because it came in the mail so she got to open it and get a prize too. Here she is with all her goods!

Busy San Antonio Weekend

We spent the weekend in San Antonio with Mike's family and brought Hope along with us to play with Chloe. Here are some of the highlights:
The main reason we made our trip this weekend is because The Freeman Brothers were playing a show. Mike's dad and his 2 brothers make up the band and sing songs based on their family history. Don and Ralph (and his wife Linda) came out from CA to visit and play the show. We own their CDs but this was my first official live show. Take a listen for yourself! Ella went up to the front and danced around while they played.
The next morning I couldn't find Ella anywhere. After looking around we found her in the room Ralph and Linda were staying in watching TV all by herself...with the huge remote (remember it from our last trip :-).
After a long drive there (rain and traffic) and the show going past her bedtime the day before Addie was ready for a good nap...which we promptly interuppted to take a trip to Fredericksburg. My plan was for her to quickly fall back asleep in the car on the way there, but she had other plans :-).
We have a sit and stand stroller (which I LOVE by the way, if anyone is looking for a stroller for 2)but Ella was getting tired so we did some rearranging so Ella could take a nap. She was exhausted from the drive and show too, but mainly from trying to keep up with Hope and Chloe - she wanted to be with them ALL the time - she loves feeling like one of the big girls.
Hope and Chloe in Fredericksburg outside Diane's favorite shop.
Papa helping Addie ride her first horse :-) which she is happy about of course.
Here we all are (minus Brittany). I really didn't want to post this picture since I managed to sit in the most unflattering position of the shot, but it's the only big group one so I'm taking one for the team! Note to self for the future - NEVER sit in the very front and angle yourself better :-)!
Brittany bought her first house - Congratulations! Here she is in front of it. It is super nice for a first home and we are all excited for her! It closes on Aug 6th.
Ella playing soccer in Britt's new backyard with Leandro (I hope I spelled that right), Brittany's "friend." Ella had tons of fun with him and thinks it's cool he's from Brazil.
That night Chloe and Hope put on a spectacular fashion show for us all. Well, I heard it was spectacular...I only saw their first outfits before I heard Addie crying upstairs.
Our last stop before heading home was eating tasty food on the River Walk. Here is Addie with Papa and Meema.
The drive home was thankfully much faster than the drive there. It was nice to have Hope in back to help with the girls on the drive. I'm sure she loved being smooshed right between them too :-).
Ella enjoyed a nice relaxing bubble bath before bed when we got home. I wish I could say the same :-)!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cats LOVE us!

For some reason we seem to pick houses that attract stray cats - or maybe we move in and the cats come to us. They must know how much Mike loves cats :-)! I grew up with cats and have always liked them - they basically take care of themselves which is ideal for a pet I think - Mike on the other hand is not a cat person. Some of you may know about Meow Meow, the little white cat we "adopted" in our last house after she started hanging out in our backyard. I'll talk more about her later but in our new house we have a gray cat that hangs out in our front yard.
Here he is lounging on our walkway like he owns the place :-). What is really funny is I have seen the neighbors across the street lure him over to their yard and feed him on more than one occasion and he sprints right back over to our yard as soon as he's done. Why he finds it so desirable here when someone else is happy to have him, I don't know.
Here is Ella and Meow Meow (who she named). She was the sweetest kitty. It all started when Ella and I would go play in the backyard, she would always jump over into our yard to join the fun. At first she wouldn't come too close but we started feeding her and pretty soon she was always there and completely comfortable. Ella loved her and Meow Meow would let Ella pet her - roughly sometimes - and never even attempted a bite. It was a perfect living arrangement - she stayed outside and Ella had a little friend - all we had to do was feed her. In this picture Ella was upset about something and Meow Meow jumped up to sit with her - she knew she needed comfort - it was so cute. Then.....
...Meow Meow got pregnant. I had hoped she was fixed (when she first showed up she had a collar on and I thought a home but when she started living in our yard permanently it was apparent she had been abandoned or something). She had 5 little kittens - all pure white. This is when Meow Meow was first allowed inside the house - we couldn't leave them all outside with all the other cats around. This is also when I decided I didn't want a pet until our kids were bigger!
Although the kittens were adorable, they were definitely messy - and mischievous! I was pregnant at the time too which didn't help. My family has two of the kittens (Bill and Blanco) still so it's fun to be able to visit them. Bill looks just like his mom. The other 3 kitties and Meow Meow all went to one of Mike's students and at last report were doing great...I was glad they were all able to go to the same home. I felt really guilty about it for a long time though - like Meow Meow had trusted me and I abandoned her too. I miss Meow Meow still, but overall I'm thankful I don't have to worry about an animal and two children all at the same time!
So, we are not going to be offering this gray cat food anytime soon. He is definitely more wild than Meow Meow anyway. It just always makes me laugh when I see him laying around (yesterday he had a friend laying on our porch with him but they saw me when I tried to take a picture and jetted off) and think of how much Mike wishes he would go away :-)!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

She moves!

Addie continues to get faster at moving around - especially if there is something she really wants! Gone are the days when I could just set her somewhere and know she couldn't get into any trouble :-).

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It is complete!

Ella's potty training is pretty much complete now. For nearly 2 months she has been potty-trained when it comes to going number 1 and from the first time she used the potty there have only been a few accidents really. However using the potty for poopoo was another story - not that she wouldn't try. She would always give up and tell me, "Potty's not working." I had found a Dora mechanical toothbrush on clearance that was sitting unopened on our bathroom counter waiting for the day she could do it. Then a couple weeks ago my mom gave her a HUGE lollipop that she told her she could only eat after she went poopoo in the potty. Well, a couple nights ago we had success! When I told her she got to open her prizes she was besides herself with excitement! It wasn't until I took this picture of Ella with her goodies that I realized how well they went together! She'll definitely need a good toothbrush after eating the candy.


Here is an update on the trial in Libya I posted links for last week:

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Some things that make me laugh

For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting the funny picture I saved from our paper, here it is! It makes me laugh hard every time I see it :-). I wonder: 1. Why this pose of all poses? 2. Why this outfit of all outfits? and 3. Why this dancer of all dancers?

Another thing that always brings a smile to my face is this segment on our local news. Some genius there came up with the "Wheel of Justice" idea. It looks like a high school project and every night features new criminals...

Hopefully they made you laugh too :-)!

Maybe I lied

I recentely had a post where I mentioned not knowing where Ella got her crazy poses from. A couple days later I was showing Ella a scrapbook of when I was little that my mom made and found this picture of me being a weirdo too - guess which one is me -....maybe she does get it from me. Sorry Ella :-)!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Yesterday I came across this news story online and it sparked my interest:
I did a search and found some other interesting articles about the trial:
Somehow I had completely missed ever hearing about this story despite the fact the trial has been going on for years now. It really made me think and also made me realize I need to try a little harder to keep up on current events :-).

Ella's 1st Slumber Party

Ella had her first sleep over last night...Aunt Hope came over in the evening. We all made dinner together and she played with Ella while I got Addie all settled for the night (which was a very nice luxury for me). Ella got to stay up late and eat popcorn and brownies and watch “So You Think You Can Dance" with us.
I love this picture with Ella looking at Hope. I have a lot of pictures of Addie looking at Ella too.
Ella anxiously waited to finish making the brownies so she could finally lick the spoon!
I let Hope sleep in Ella’s room – which Ella thought was really cool, but resulted in less sleep for them both I think. They didn’t get in bed until 9:30pm and when I went to get Addie at 6:15am this morning the light was on in Ella’s room and they were reading books together.

A few pics

Here are some pictures of the girls from the past couple days. I love catching Ella and Addie showing how much they love each other - especially when it doesn't involve Ella giving Addie a smothering hug.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Addie's 1st word

Addie recently started saying, "mum, mum, mum" when she is getting frustrated (wanting something really). It is really cute and although I know she really doesn't know what she is saying, it seems like she is calling for me to help her so I love it :-).

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Little Explorer

Mike was watching Addie up in the computer room yesterday and he took these pictures of her adventures. She is getting pretty mobile and loves her new found freedom! She pushes off with her knees and feet but is still figuring out what to do with her arms.

Addie finds something interesting on the dresser…

and so she must taste it of course - to really figure out what it is.

I couldn’t believe these next ones at first, but Mike said he turned around to find her exactly like that! Crazy kid :-)!
On a mission to get to all the fun stuff on the other side of the room...

How she managed to do this we’ll never know :-).

Addie sound asleep, exhausted from all her travels. She even has a little rug burn on one knee from all the pushing around she did.

Our Little Visitor

Yesterday Mike was mowing the front lawn during a break in the rain. Our front yard had become a little swamp - the ground is completely
saturated from the constant rain and the grass was pretty long because everytime he was about to go mow it, it would start raining again. He found a snake hiding out in our jungle - it was actually a pretty decent sized one. I thought it was pretty exiting but Ella wasn't very thrilled to see him :-)!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Dress Up Time

My mom's neighbor Julie (and her daughter Anna) gave Ella all her old dress up clothes yesterday. Ella was very excited - especially about the Little Mermaid "magical wand." After every new outfit she would put on she would say, "Oh, where's my magical wand?" ... I don't know where Ella gets all these crazy camera poses - not from me - I swear!


Here is Mike being a weirdo :-) and showing off all his new running gear from his birthday. It makes me laugh every time I look at it and he posted it on his running blog, so I'm assuming that gives me permission to post it on mine too :-). Actually, that reminds me...I have this hilarious picture I cut out of the Houston Chronicle that I saved because it makes me laugh - a lot! I'll scan it soon and put it in here for everyone else to enjoy.

Happy 4th of July!

We had a pretty low key 4th, but it was still fun. It has been raining non-stop here which cut into our plans a little. I had really wanted to go swimming but that will have to wait until the rain eventually decides to leave us alone (supposedly next week). Luckily the rain was taking a break by dark just in time for the fireworks, so we went outside and watched a few with Ella before tucking her in. We let her stay up late to wait for them and she kept going to the window and then coming back to report, "It's not dark yet." and then a few minutes later, "Not yet." etc.

Our little family in our festive 4th of July colors :-)

There were no great shots of the girls - this is the closest we got to them both looking at the camera together.

Ella and Hope ready to eat - an all American classic of course, fried chicken!