Sunday, July 29, 2007

6 months old !?!

Today Addie hit the 6 month mark – I can’t believe it! She isn’t a teeny baby anymore, which is both sad and exciting. Her little personality is really coming through and she is sooo smiley! I’m glad she is such a happy baby because I worry constantly about her getting enough attention (especially one on one with me) and if she was a serious baby I may need counseling – fearing that I had ruined her for life! She is sitting up well, getting a kick out of her big sister, enjoying new foods and very near to an actual crawl. Today is her first completely bottle-fed day and although I have been slowly cutting back feedings for 2 weeks now, I’m still feeling some serious discomfort! Although I have mixed feelings about being completely done with breastfeedings (sad take away that time with Addie, but overjoyed to get my body completely back), I’m so proud of myself for making it so far! Addie’s 6 month doctor’s appointment is Wednesday and I’m very curious to see what she is weighing in at these days – we’ll let you know.

We have a busy week ahead of us that will end with Ella’s birthday party on Saturday. She turns 3 on August 13th and this is her first real party with her little friends. It’s going to be Dora, Dora and more Dora…. and I’m hoping it goes well! I’m beginning to feel a little stressed because I have no idea what I am doing as far as throwing a little kid birthday party. She has only been able to attend one other party and I wish I had seen what a few others had done. I know Ella will have fun no matter what everyone else thinks though and that is what really matters, right?! I’ll be sure to post away about how it all goes. Here are pictures from today before church. If you want to find some of my girls' cute things (the pacifier clip, monogrammed bloomers, etc.), check out Pineapple Hill, I have the link under my Shopping too. I’ll be adding a video of Addie later but the computer is not cooperating right now so I’m going to go enjoy my evening and try again later……Here it is......

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robandsara said...

That is a hillarious video, Marci! I love how fast she is jumping. Addie is so cute.