Friday, July 6, 2007

A Bad Tradition

Apparently our family has a bad tradition of being sick on your 1st 4th of July. Addie was sick leading up to the festivities but thankfully was feeling better for the most part by the actual day. It wasn't anything super serious - just a little fever that left her more lethargic than normal. It also made her much more cuddlely (she isn't a big cuddler typically) so we took full advantage of that! On Ella's first 4th of July we were in CA with Mike's family and she got really really sick for the 1st time. She narrowly avoided being put on an IV for dehydration. Luckily Addie never got that bad and she is now back to her normal non-cuddley self :-)!

She may be sick, but she's still happy.

Enjoying a nap with Dad.

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