Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Busy San Antonio Weekend

We spent the weekend in San Antonio with Mike's family and brought Hope along with us to play with Chloe. Here are some of the highlights:
The main reason we made our trip this weekend is because The Freeman Brothers were playing a show. Mike's dad and his 2 brothers make up the band and sing songs based on their family history. Don and Ralph (and his wife Linda) came out from CA to visit and play the show. We own their CDs but this was my first official live show. Take a listen for yourself! Ella went up to the front and danced around while they played.
The next morning I couldn't find Ella anywhere. After looking around we found her in the room Ralph and Linda were staying in watching TV all by herself...with the huge remote (remember it from our last trip :-).
After a long drive there (rain and traffic) and the show going past her bedtime the day before Addie was ready for a good nap...which we promptly interuppted to take a trip to Fredericksburg. My plan was for her to quickly fall back asleep in the car on the way there, but she had other plans :-).
We have a sit and stand stroller (which I LOVE by the way, if anyone is looking for a stroller for 2)but Ella was getting tired so we did some rearranging so Ella could take a nap. She was exhausted from the drive and show too, but mainly from trying to keep up with Hope and Chloe - she wanted to be with them ALL the time - she loves feeling like one of the big girls.
Hope and Chloe in Fredericksburg outside Diane's favorite shop.
Papa helping Addie ride her first horse :-) which she is happy about of course.
Here we all are (minus Brittany). I really didn't want to post this picture since I managed to sit in the most unflattering position of the shot, but it's the only big group one so I'm taking one for the team! Note to self for the future - NEVER sit in the very front and angle yourself better :-)!
Brittany bought her first house - Congratulations! Here she is in front of it. It is super nice for a first home and we are all excited for her! It closes on Aug 6th.
Ella playing soccer in Britt's new backyard with Leandro (I hope I spelled that right), Brittany's "friend." Ella had tons of fun with him and thinks it's cool he's from Brazil.
That night Chloe and Hope put on a spectacular fashion show for us all. Well, I heard it was spectacular...I only saw their first outfits before I heard Addie crying upstairs.
Our last stop before heading home was eating tasty food on the River Walk. Here is Addie with Papa and Meema.
The drive home was thankfully much faster than the drive there. It was nice to have Hope in back to help with the girls on the drive. I'm sure she loved being smooshed right between them too :-).
Ella enjoyed a nice relaxing bubble bath before bed when we got home. I wish I could say the same :-)!

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