Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cats LOVE us!

For some reason we seem to pick houses that attract stray cats - or maybe we move in and the cats come to us. They must know how much Mike loves cats :-)! I grew up with cats and have always liked them - they basically take care of themselves which is ideal for a pet I think - Mike on the other hand is not a cat person. Some of you may know about Meow Meow, the little white cat we "adopted" in our last house after she started hanging out in our backyard. I'll talk more about her later but in our new house we have a gray cat that hangs out in our front yard.
Here he is lounging on our walkway like he owns the place :-). What is really funny is I have seen the neighbors across the street lure him over to their yard and feed him on more than one occasion and he sprints right back over to our yard as soon as he's done. Why he finds it so desirable here when someone else is happy to have him, I don't know.
Here is Ella and Meow Meow (who she named). She was the sweetest kitty. It all started when Ella and I would go play in the backyard, she would always jump over into our yard to join the fun. At first she wouldn't come too close but we started feeding her and pretty soon she was always there and completely comfortable. Ella loved her and Meow Meow would let Ella pet her - roughly sometimes - and never even attempted a bite. It was a perfect living arrangement - she stayed outside and Ella had a little friend - all we had to do was feed her. In this picture Ella was upset about something and Meow Meow jumped up to sit with her - she knew she needed comfort - it was so cute. Then.....
...Meow Meow got pregnant. I had hoped she was fixed (when she first showed up she had a collar on and I thought a home but when she started living in our yard permanently it was apparent she had been abandoned or something). She had 5 little kittens - all pure white. This is when Meow Meow was first allowed inside the house - we couldn't leave them all outside with all the other cats around. This is also when I decided I didn't want a pet until our kids were bigger!
Although the kittens were adorable, they were definitely messy - and mischievous! I was pregnant at the time too which didn't help. My family has two of the kittens (Bill and Blanco) still so it's fun to be able to visit them. Bill looks just like his mom. The other 3 kitties and Meow Meow all went to one of Mike's students and at last report were doing great...I was glad they were all able to go to the same home. I felt really guilty about it for a long time though - like Meow Meow had trusted me and I abandoned her too. I miss Meow Meow still, but overall I'm thankful I don't have to worry about an animal and two children all at the same time!
So, we are not going to be offering this gray cat food anytime soon. He is definitely more wild than Meow Meow anyway. It just always makes me laugh when I see him laying around (yesterday he had a friend laying on our porch with him but they saw me when I tried to take a picture and jetted off) and think of how much Mike wishes he would go away :-)!

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