Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ella's 1st Slumber Party

Ella had her first sleep over last night...Aunt Hope came over in the evening. We all made dinner together and she played with Ella while I got Addie all settled for the night (which was a very nice luxury for me). Ella got to stay up late and eat popcorn and brownies and watch “So You Think You Can Dance" with us.
I love this picture with Ella looking at Hope. I have a lot of pictures of Addie looking at Ella too.
Ella anxiously waited to finish making the brownies so she could finally lick the spoon!
I let Hope sleep in Ella’s room – which Ella thought was really cool, but resulted in less sleep for them both I think. They didn’t get in bed until 9:30pm and when I went to get Addie at 6:15am this morning the light was on in Ella’s room and they were reading books together.

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