Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It is complete!

Ella's potty training is pretty much complete now. For nearly 2 months she has been potty-trained when it comes to going number 1 and from the first time she used the potty there have only been a few accidents really. However using the potty for poopoo was another story - not that she wouldn't try. She would always give up and tell me, "Potty's not working." I had found a Dora mechanical toothbrush on clearance that was sitting unopened on our bathroom counter waiting for the day she could do it. Then a couple weeks ago my mom gave her a HUGE lollipop that she told her she could only eat after she went poopoo in the potty. Well, a couple nights ago we had success! When I told her she got to open her prizes she was besides herself with excitement! It wasn't until I took this picture of Ella with her goodies that I realized how well they went together! She'll definitely need a good toothbrush after eating the candy.

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