Sunday, July 1, 2007

Mike's Birthday - wooo hooo!!!

For those of you who care to read on, what follows is a detailed photo account of Mike’s birthday celebrations yesterday and today. Let’s begin:

Ella and I made Mike breakfast in bed. Ella loves to help cook – mainly because she likes to eat the entire time we are making something. I have to watch her closely or there won’t be anything left to eat at the end!

One thing Ella equates with birthdays are party hats (we already have Dora ones for her birthday party next month to be on the safe side). We decided to get creative and make our own for Dad’s party…as you can see Ella and Addie are much more excited about this than Mike is.

Later in the day we enjoyed some fine dining at Applebee’s. We hadn’t been in years and I think I’d be ok waiting that long again before returning. It is always nice to eat out for a change though!

Then it was off to Sam’s Club – just what Mike dreamed of doing for his birthday I’m sure – but we needed some things. He spotted a rainbow when we got there and after many attempts of explaining where the rainbow was, Ella finally spotted it too. I love when we ask, “Do you see the rainbow?” or “Do you see the Gorilla?” for example (the big inflatable ones on car dealerships) and she says, “Yea” but in a really unsure way and you can totally tell she has no idea what you are looking at.

Addie had a rough evening of spit-up explosions. The first one happened while I was holding her as we shopped. When it started I leaned her over the floor to save myself and we had to find a worker to come mop it up. The second one happened while we were checking out and I obviously didn’t react quickly enough this time. She threw up once more when we got home and I was worried she was sick, but thankfully she has been fine since.

This morning before church Ella and I made a cake to take to my parents later in the afternoon. I poured the mix in the bowl (I’m not a good dessert maker so I use a box mix) and got some water from the sink, when I turned back around Ella was eating the dry mix – yuck – she’s so funny. I let her lick the spoon at the end.

Then it was off to church. There are 4 wards who meet at our building…We meet at noon, which is right during Ella’s naptime and sometimes causes our evenings to be a little rough, but my parent’s ward meets at 8am and that is definitely too early for me! So I’m happy to take noon – 10am is the ideal time available with this setup in my opinion (my friend Sheree meets at 2pm).

After church we came home to change and get the cake ready before going to my parent’s for dinner. I needed to frost the cake so Mike went upstairs to help Ella change. I gave him these instructions: “She’s wearing her white pants and a pink sleeveless shirt – they’re both in our room.” I was working on the cake and I heard….Ella: “I don’t want it.” Mike: “But it looks so pretty.” Ella, getting upset: “It’s Addie’s!” And this is what I found. The shirt did actually fit onto Ella, and it is pink and sleeveless so I guess we have to give him some credit!

(Here is Ella in the correct pink sleeveless shirt) After a yummy roast it was time for the cake. I know, I know, my cake is gorgeous! Scott’s birthday was the 10th, so it was a combo birthday cake. Ella was just so excited to finally get to eat it!

Here are the boys. We also took a picture of me with my grandma and mom but we all looked pretty bad in it, so we’re just keeping that one in the family photo album I think.

Greatfrog teaching Ella some nice new tricks to do – thanks Grandfather! (if your wondering about his nickname, when I was little he wanted me to call him Grandfather and I couldn’t it say it well so I would say “Grandfrog” - the name stuck and now he is affectionately called, Grandfrog, Frog, etc. and for the new generation, Greatfrog)

Mike, exhausted from our 2 days of hard-core partying, fell asleep on the couch later. This is actually a Miner AND Partridge family tradition (typically Fox news is on in the background – sorry Brooke:-), so really Mike is obligated to sleep just to fit in! When I took this picture my grandfather was asleep on the other couch, and although my dad happened to be awake watching Sesame Street with Ella this time, he is usually the first to go!

If anyone noticed Addie had been missing from all the fun – here she is…she was taking a nap and finally woke up to join the party. (wearing the size 3/6 month shirt Mike tried to put on Ella earlier)

Ella peeked into the kitchen where the girls were talking looking for Scott. She saw him and said, “Scott, play with Ella!”

On the drive home I asked, “Ella did you have fun at the party?” When I got no response I turned around to see she had completely passed out the instant we started driving. I guess missing her nap and all the fun finally caught up with her.

She was so out that she didn’t wake up at all when Mike carried her into the house.

Addie on the other hand was just so happy to be home she wasn’t quite ready for bed yet. I love her huge smiles!

So, for those of you who made it through all that – Congratulations! That was our weekend :-)!


Fowler family said...

My favorite is that pic of you with the spit up shirt. You still look so happy in it.

I've got spit up all over me as I type- in my hair, in my lap and on my shoulder. Fun.

dr_b_rock said...

how can you still look so hot when covered in spitup! Moms amaze me :) Happy (late) birthday to Mike, I'm glad it sounds like you guys had a great weekend.