Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Only Daddy can...

A little background on this story...a couple weeks after we moved into our house last winter Ella discovered there were some glow in the dark stars on her ceiling - it was an exciting find!...Last night Mike was at work when I tucked Ella in and it was dark enough for the stars to be glowing (since summer started it usually is too light in her room at her bedtime). Ella looked up and then sadly told me, "I need Dad." Mike is tall enough that he holds her up and helps her touch the stars and she was so sad he couldn't help her last night. Then around 11pm I heard Ella crying softly in her room and went in. After asking her a couple times what was wrong she told me she wanted Dad. When Mike came in she told him her legs hurt. She has gotten growing pains a couple times and Mike massages her little legs to make them feel better. So often she wants me to do everything that it was cute to have both those things happen last night that only Dad could help her with!

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