Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Good Memory

Ella and I have had a rough few evenings this week. The days start out fine and by the time it's time to go bed I'm often at my witt's end and she is in the middle of a breakdown. Once she's in bed I feel bad and wish things would have gone differently. Last night around 8pm I was going to start making cookies that I needed for a party tonight and decided to see if Ella wanted to help - I usually only make them as a project to do with her. I went to her room and opened the door and she was sitting at her little desk in the dark coloring. I said, "Ella" and she starting walking towards me holding her crayons. "Do you want to come downstairs and make cookies with me?" She immediately got excited, dropped her crayons right where she was and ran out. So we made the cookies and sang and danced to loud music - it was a lot of fun. Hopefully this good memory will cancel out some of our rougher moments :-) and I'll try to be more patient in the mean time.
You can check out the cookie recipe here.

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