Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Moon Might be Milk

Yesterday Ella and I read a really cute book from the library called The Moon Might Be Milk. You never really know what you are getting from the library - I have been amazed actually how many books we get, start reading, and then quickly decide it is one we shouldn't finish. My reasons range anywhere from saying not nice things (telling someone they're a pest or they hate their brother), may cause nightmares (involve monsters, etc.), deal with topics that thankfully don't apply to us (this week a book that looked to be about sand castles was actually about a little girl whose dad died and her mom has a new boyfriend), or just the plain bizarre (Ella once picked a book that had won a medal of some sort and when we started reading it was a rhyming story about fox eating chickens- it even had pictures of him carrying some off by their necks - we didn't finish it and maybe that's a little too much caution on my part, but I really don't think a 3 year old needs to learn that not all animals are cute and nice all the time). Well, that turned into quite a tangent!
So this book was adorable. A little girl is asking various animals what they think the moon is made of - each of which end up being ingredients for cookies her Gran is making when they stop by her house (flour, milk, etc). There was even a recipe for the cookies at the end of the book so Ella and I made them. They were quite delicious and I recommend checking the book out at your local library too!

On a side note...Ella had her 3 year old check up today. It was like an actual physical - she is so big, yet so small :-)! She weighed 29.5 lbs (50th percentile) and was 37" tall (also 50th). We practiced standing on some books without touching anything before going because over the winter when I took her in to have a rash looked at she got scared of standing on the scale. Today she was victorious and also very good at following the doctor's requests to jump, stand on one foot, etc.
Addie is of course cute as usual and also seems to be growing up way too fast! I held a friend's 3 week old baby at church on Sunday and he was sooo small - I can't believe 6 months ago Addie was that size!
For those of you wondering, my talk went well - I am relieved it is over! Thanks to Chrissy for her book recommendation (The Peacegiver), it helped immensely! I was lucky enough to have a huge congregation to speak to because the power at the other building in Katy was out so people from the 2 wards that meet there came to our meetings :-)! Hopefully I'm in the clear for at least another year now!

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