Thursday, August 16, 2007

Our Vacation Journal

I know you have all been checking my blog daily wondering what we have been doing in our exciting lives :-)! Here is where we have been....We started our vacation driving up to Dallas to see the Oakland A's play the Rangers, meeting Mike's fam there.
Our portable DVD player is a must have for long car trips! Ella will drive all day long if we let her watch shows - she thinks it is a special treat to watch so many :-)!
We got to Dallas early and hung out in the hotel for awhile before the game. The plan was for the girls to take their naps and be prepared for a late night. Ella had other plans - especially once she knew Aunt Chloe was there to play with. Addie eventually fell asleep but kept peeking out of the little nest we made her to see what everyone else was doing.
I went to high school in Dallas for 1 1/2 years and was able to meet up with my friend Mo at the game. It was a lot of fun to catch up a little bit and remember my crazier days :-)!
The girls with Aunt Chrissy and Meema cheering on the A's. Ella loves baseball games - she gets to eat some of her favorite things, hot dogs and ice cream!
Addie eventually passed out with Papa. I knew she must be really tired to a)sleep with someone holding her and b)sleep with those bright stadium lights glaring down. At church I cover her eyes with a little blanket to get her to sleep - my friend Mckell suggested an eye mask and I really want my mom to make her one - it would be too cute!
We drove to Flower Mound, my old town, the next morning and checked out my old high school. Since I went to 3 different high schools in different states I haven't really ever been back to see any of them.
We went by my old house too. The town looked completely different but it definitely brought back some memories. It was 10 years ago that I lived there - I can't believe I'm getting so old!
We were taking a pit stop at a gas station and I got Addie out to stretch. Ella wanted to hold her - Addie looks a little nervous :-).
Ella took these pictures by herself. We were trying to pass some time as we drove from Dallas to San Antonio and she thought it was pretty fun. Everytime she would take a picture of me she would look at it and say, "Oh, you look beautiful mom."

Ella is still having a hard time pooping in the potty - despite being a pro at staying dry. She always waits until naptime and bedtime when she has her pull up on to do her business and after 2 fun-filled days there hadn't been much downtime to get her business done. That night after the game we got settled in at Mike's parents' house and put Ella to bed. She came out a little while later to tell us she had a poo poo - boy was she right!

I'll post the rest of the trip later tonight

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janessa gibson said...

I sympathize with that last picture--Grace has done that several times.... :)