Friday, August 17, 2007

Vacation Journal Part 2

Here are the details of the rest of our trip:
Mike has been on a quest to find shredded beef in Texas. We have our favorite place in Houston and after extensive research online he found a restaurant on the River Walk in San Antonio that only serves shredded beef. We went for dinner and then got tasty treats at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
All the girls outside the candy store.
Addie taking her bath at Meema and Papa's house. I got another picture of her where she is smiling but her face in this one makes me laugh so I decided to post it instead.
We made Ella a little bed next to ours at there house and one morning when I woke up I found her like this - with just her little head poking out from underneath the bed :-).
Ella and Addie ready for church Sunday morning. One thing I think is so funny with Ella is that she is typically very shy when she's not at home (where she is crazy of course) but she will walk right in to nursery or the child care at the gym, etc. I don't think she talks much once she is in but she REALLY LOVES going - it's cute but doesn't match the other part of her personality. Today was no exception, she found a little chair and sat right down to playdough with the other kids - none of whom she'd met before.
Addie looking cute. She hadn't worn this dress before so I had to get a picture of her in it :-). It's an Ella hand me down from Kayley.
Sunday night we had a little party for Ella's birthday (yes, her 3rd one!)She kept going to sit at the table, ready to begin.
But she was more than happy to get up to help Meema make frosting for her cake!
Ella shockingly excited to receive more Dora gear. She got a cute tin lunchbox, books, cup, and puzzle! It is truly amazing to me the things they make Dora-themed! Mike went to the grocery store a couple days ago and told me he saw Dora frozen vegetables!
The whole Freeman clan (Addie was sleeping again - she always misses the fun. I was taking the picture - always capturing the fun.)
Ella sat for a long time reading all her new Dora books. She has always loved books and it's cute now to listen to her talking about what she sees and remembers from having the story read to her.
I bought a little art project for Chloe and Ella to do together. Ella had a blast - especially because she was doing it with Chloe! She was definitely Chloe's little shadow during our trip - following her around everywhere. One day Chloe went to her friend Amanda's house and Ella asked me where she was. I told her and she said she wanted to go. I tried to explain that Amanda is Chloe's friend, etc. and Ella looked at me and said, "but I love Amanda." She has since told me that when she gets bigger she wants to go to Amanda's house....and ride a roller coaster.
Our last day in San Antonio we went to the driving range at a golf course near their house.
You get a golf cart when you buy a bucket of balls so we toured the course when we were done.
Mike and his dad golfed 9 holes the day before so he was looking pretty good.
I was not however :-). I went to a driving range a couple times in high school I think and that day was Chrissy's first time - she was amazing and I was not good, at all! It was still fun, but I think I was just not destined to play sports where you use something as an extension of yourself. I'm definitely better at sports where your actual limbs are what you use - volleyball, soccer etc.

The trip was a lot of fun - it was nice to not have to pack everything in one weekend. We are now back in the real world and I have to speak on Sunday - that is what I am supposed to be working on right now, but posting my blog entry is so much more fun!

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