Friday, September 21, 2007

Highlights of the past 2 weeks

Life has been BUSY and I have fallen way behind in everything: blogging, taking pictures, emailing, laundry, cleaning, etc., etc. Despite the craziness it has been pretty typical day to day things keeping me running all over...

Ella is still loving school! She wishes that she could go everyday...and sometimes I wish she could too :-). Ella has been a very easy little girl every since she was born. She has always been a quiet observer that just likes to take it all in and she is for the most part sweet and obedient. I never experienced "the terrible twos" with her...until the last few months. The first time she threw a small tantrum in public it caught me completely off guard because I had never had to deal with one. Here is a recent example...
On Tuesday morning I was getting her ready for school and I didn't do her hair exactly how she wanted it (she tried to explain it to me before I started and I obviously didn't get the picture). We were running late so I told her it looked beautiful and just to wear it like that today and I would do it the other way next time. She started pulling at it over and over and when I (in a frustrated way) told her to stop she lost it and was crying and screaming. So I just took it all out, the elastic, the bow, and the headband (I'll post about her headband obsession tomorrow) , buckled her in the car and started driving to school. She screamed the entire way there (with poor Addie in the back seat with her) and I didn't know if I should even take her in this state. So I called my mom, who reminded me that she is only 3 and I need to be careful not to expect too much from her - which was just what I needed to hear. At the height of these trying experiences it is so hard to not get caught up in my frustration and then adding to that the fact that I had no learning curve in dealing with this behavior since Ella's just started suddenly. So, ready to turn the situation around, we parked outside Abi's house and Ella climbed up to sit with me in the front. We cuddled, talked a little, and both calmed down a bit. She went to school and was in a good mood when I came to pick her up. That's not to say that we have had no other incidents since or even that the rest of that particular day was completely peaceful but I think it has helped me to have a little more patience when the need arises.
I often wonder if it was having Addie that brought the change on or being around other kids more often and learning from their bad examples, but unless you only have one child who you home school and allow no social interaction with peers those influences are bound to happen at some point I suppose - and learning to cope with that and discern what is right/wrong and ok/unacceptable is just part of life.
Ella's cute moments still definitely out number the bad! Tonight when we were playing her Dora memory game I turned over this card and said, "A bird." Ella quickly corrected me, "It's a toucan." (His name on the show is Senor Toucan) When I went to pick her up at the gym's childcare yesterday she ran up and gave me a hug and handing me a folded up piece of paper said, "Here, it is a present. You can put it in your room." I opened it up and it was a little Elmo and Zoe picture she had colored (she tries to color in the lines now which is really cute!). I taped it to our bathroom mirror last night and this morning when she saw it she told me it looked beautiful.
So in conclusion :-), life with Ella has definitely become more interesting, but of course I still love her with all my heart!

On to Addie....She is getting so big!!!!
Addie is the happiest, most smiley baby I have ever seen. Honestly, she really never cries - she does a high-pitched squeal that sounds happy and also what I imagine pterodactyls probably sounded like when they were on earth (I call her a little pterodactyl when she does it).
She is crawling all over the place and getting into more and more mischief every day. She is also eating lots of real people food and she LOVES it! If I try to eat anything within her view now she looks at me like, "when is my bite coming?!"
Her most exciting new accomplishment is being able to pull up to a stand. I just took this picture really quickly tonight so I could have one for the blog but she pulls up on everything and is overjoyed with herself when she does it. She just looks around and smiles and you can tell she thinks she is pretty cool! Addie is also apparently a little over confident and already feels like she is big enough to stand without holding on to anything. Today I was in my kickboxing class a woman from the child care center came up to tell me that she had bumped her head and they just wanted me to know so I wouldn't be alarmed when I came down to get her. Apparently she pulled up and was just standing there for awhile and then decided to let go and tipped over. So we need to work on the getting down part :-).

Last weekend I got to relive my past a little...I went a played some volleyball Friday night with our church's co-ed adult team (I had to miss the game tonight because Mike wasn't here to watch the girls, but I'll go again next weekend). Then Saturday pretty much all day I was a ref for the teenage girls' one-day tournament. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad I have reached a point now where it's not depressing to play. When I played the first time again in college since high school I was sad because I could still remember how good I used to be and the obvious decline in my level of play resulted in me feeling like I never wanting to play again! The span of 5 or 6 years has erased enough of my memory that I can just do it for fun - yay!

One last development in my life...I finally quit working at the resale shop I've been at for 2 years (something I really have wanted to do since the new owner took over in June) and got a little part time job at Gymboree. It may be a little dangerous for me to work there with 2 cute girls who need clothes that are equally as cute as they are :-), but it will be good practice in self control!

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