Sunday, September 2, 2007

Making Friendship Work

Andrew was Ella's 1st real friend - pretty much since birth (and his mom Sheree my first real friend in Texas). He came over to play this week and it is hilarious to listen to them talk to each other. It is amazing they are big kids now, capable of communicating with one another. One of the conversations I overheard while they
were playing:
Ella: "What's your dad's name?"
Andrew: "What?"
Ella: "What's your dad's name?"
Andrew: "My dad is John."
Ella: "Oh."
Ella loves to play at Andrew's, especially because he has "boy" toys that we don't have lots of here - cars, trains, etc. I think kids like the change- mixing things up a little! We obviously have a lot of "girl" options at our house, but they have a blast together still. When they got dressed up Andrew told Ella repeatedly, "You look beautiful." It was really cute. Hopefully they'll get married someday :-)!

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