Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Visit From DORA!!!

Dora made a trip to our local Chick-fil-A on Tuesday night...So I took the girls over to check it out despite my better judgement. It was a mad house as expected but I think we still had fun...We got there right before 6pm (Dora was advertised to be there 6-8pm) and parked in Target's parking lot - the closest we could get. I got Ella a little ice cream cup and we found a corner to stand in while we waited. Time was ticking away and Dora still hadn't showed so the Chick-fil-A workers were trying to keep everyone happy by passing out hats and balloons.Addie was such a good sport! Around 6:10pm they announced that Dora was lost and would arrive in 20 minutes (one Dad yelled out, "Tell her to use her map!") so we just tried to stay out of the way in our little corner and waited. Finally Dora arrived and was making her way around, giving all the kids high-5's. Ella strained to see her and when she finally caught a glimpse was instantly seized by fear!When Dora made it over by us Ella hid her face and wanted nothing to do with her :-). I guess Dora was going to stay and sit and take pictures with everybody but we left after Dora walked by us. Strangely Ella wanted to stay longer despite being petrified. She now talks fondly of the memory so at least she thinks she had a good time :-)!

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