Saturday, September 29, 2007

What in the World?!

Apparently we have a monster living in our washing machine. The other day when I went to switch our clothes to the dryer, I pulled Addie's bib out of the washer looking like this. Now, granted the bibs have seen better days, they got a lot of use with Ella and I typically wash and dry them in the machines which probably isn't the best way to help them retain their strength, but still...what happened in there?! It looks like some animal shredded it with their sharp teeth and/or claws... not to mention that part of the bib is missing altogether! Everything else came out in one solid piece and I can't blame it on an old washing machine, when we moved into this house last year I picked out my dream machines. So, we say so long to these bibs and it's off to buy some new ones. What happened to this poor little guy, we'll never know.

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