Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ella's Halloween Party #2

Today was the preschool story time at the library, so it was Ella's turn to wear her costume. Her little buns actually stayed in really well overnight and we took them down and did curly hair for trick or treating tonight (I'll try and get all those pictures up in the next couple days).
Johnny and Mckell met up with us at the library. Ella was in a very serious mood and was not into getting her picture taken...
...But after lunch she had warmed up and they ended up playing together so well today I felt bad making her come home for a nap. Luckily she did take a nap though...she had plenty of energy for trick-or-treating tonight.

(...Yesterday afternoon Ella had dance class and they could wear their costumes, but Ella didn't want to wear her clown costume because "clowns don't dance." She wore one of her dress-up dresses with her crazy hair instead. We went to the grocery store right after and I felt the need to explain to anyone who commented on her ensemble that she had been a clown in the morning but had just come from dance class)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ella's Halloween Party #1

Today at Joy School Ella had a little Halloween party. It was a good practice run for us with her hair and make-up. We may just leave her little buns in tonight and see how it looks curly tomorrow for the real deal - we'll see. Ella insisted on being a clown this year - it was pretty funny and I'm not sure how it all started. I began looking online for cute clown costumes in September but everything was pretty ugly and/or cheap looking so I made other about Tinkerbell? a princess? a zebra? But no, a clown is the only thing that would do. Luckily my mom is a talented seamstress and agreed to make her a costume. She took Ella on a little date a few weeks ago and Ella picked out the fabrics. With the borrowed shoes of my brother Scott (yes, he really wore those :-) she ended up a pretty cute clown afterall!
(oh, and Addie is feeling fine again today and slept straight through the night - I'm so relieved she didn't get really sick!)


I was tagged by Janessa, so here it goes. This was a harder one because there are not any questions to answer - I had to think of things on my own!

1. I love to eat. Food just tastes so good, how could you not? Thankfully I have a good metabolism :-)! I especially love chips - they are my snack of choice. My favorites are Baked Lays Sour Cream and Cheddar and I like to eat them with string cheese. I would choose chips or leftovers or something salty and starchy over a sweet any day (not to say I don't enjoy sweets though). Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I often have strange things like ricecake pizzas, soup, leftovers, etc. Poor Ella thinks it is completely normal to request potato soup for breakfast.

2. I can be anti-social. I definitely enjoy getting together with friends, but in most cases I am completely content to just stay at home and do my own thing. I take the girls to library time for example and unless someone I already know is there we leave right when it is done to go get our books - I'm not a stay and meet new friends kinda girl anymore. I really feel like I don't have time for the friends I already have most the time. I haven't always been that way, maybe Mike has rubbed off on me :-). I like going to church social events and I value greatly the friendships I do have, but if someone gave me the choice of going out with a group of couples to dinner or getting fast food and eating at home with Mike and the girls, I would almost always choose the latter.

3. I am addicted to reality TV. I guess I'm addicted to TV period - especially since having a DVR and I can watch what I want to, when I want to. I have only recently started to add non-reality shows back to my line-up (Lost, The Office, Brothers and Sisters, 24). My favorite, and probably most embarrassing addiction is MTV's "The Hills." I know it is not aimed at my age group, but I LOVE it :-)!

4. I have Celiac disease. So, most of you probably know this one. By definition "the disease affects the digestive process of the small intestine and is triggered by the consumption of gluten--a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Celiac Disease causes an abnormal response to gluten ingestion: the immune system attacks the small intestine, inhibiting the absorption of important nutrients, destroying the intestinal villi and reeking havoc on the bodies systems." I have been diagnosed since I was 2 years old, so to me it is just how life is. I do cheat sometimes and try little tastes of things, but I try to be good about it. Some things I don't like that I have tried: pizza, root beer, sandwiches on bread, flour tortillas. Some things I do: pasta in creamy sauces, muffins, bagels.

5. I am so thankful to live in warm weather. While I was at BYU one thing I knew for sure is that I wanted to live somewhere warm, anywhere warm! Although I moved around a lot and lived in cold places like upstate New York and Chicago, I have always preferred being hot to being cold. Just last week when it got "cold" here in Houston (lows in the 50's) I told Mike I was ready for summer again. I love it during the day, but in the mornings when getting out of the shower feels COLD, I hate it!

6. I had a childhood obsession with getting a cast. I think it all started when I was in 1st or 2nd grade and a boy in my class broke his leg. First he was in a wheel chair and then on crutches and I thought it was so cool. Everyone wanted to sign his cast and using crutches looked really fun. I would swing really high and jump off, intending to land on my leg and break it. Of course, I never did, I would catch myself the correct way. When I became competitive in sports in high school I was really thankful I had never broken any bones because I saw how easily they could be reinjured. My only injury, stitches to my forehead when I was 2 - pretty boring :-).

7. I have 6 fake teeth. I have small teeth on the top. It's mom has them, my uncle has them and my grandma has them. I was the only one in my family to get them though, and personally I think Ella has them, although hers are baby teeth and supposed to be small so we'll see :-). I had braces for a little while in 7th grade (which I was really excited about), but the teeth just separated again when I got them off - there is just not enough teeth for the space in my mouth. I also have slow teeth and still had a baby tooth in college. So, in the last 4 months before my wedding I had my baby tooth pulled, braces put on to pull down my permanent tooth, my wisdom teeth out and 6 veneers put on my top middle teeth. It was insane and painful and I couldn't eat, which was both positive (I lost weight for the wedding) and negative (I COULDN'T EAT! I cried at the dentist and my dress fittings more than once about how hungry I was) but in the end my smile looked great for my wedding pictures :-)! The things we do to be beautiful.

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1. Chrissy
2. Brooke
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4. Sarah S
5. Sara E
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Party

My friend Mckell threw a pumpkin carving party tonight and Ella had been looking forward to it all day long. Our day was a typical one and then later this afternoon Addie got sick :-(! I worked a few hours this morning and I was playing with Addie when I was done and then went online to check some things. Addie was playing on the floor by me, happy as could be, and then threw up out of no where. I cleaned her up and she was smiley and happy so I was thinking it was a one time thing. I called Mckell to tell her and we decided to try and go anyway but when we were almost to their house Addie threw up again. I told Ella we were just going to have to go home, which made Ella cry, so I dropped Ella off to play with Johhny and Andrew and took Addie home to change her. (Thanks to Mckell and Sheree for watching Ella and letting her experience the fun with everyone still!) I tried to get her to just relax with me on the couch, but in typical Addie fashion she wanted nothing to do with it. I really wanted her to just lay back and relax though so I walked around the house with her for a little while and called the doctor to see what she recommended as far as giving her fluids. We picked Ella back up, stopped by the store for some Pedialyte (of which Addie drank only 1/2 an oz. even though they now have apple juice flavor - neither of my girls are juice drinkers for some reason) and she has been asleep for about 3 hours now without any other incidents. I'm really hoping she'll get a good night sleep tonight and be normal again tomorrow. I had been so thankful she didn't go through our family's miserable experience with the flu a couple weeks ago and so far she seems to feel fine other than throwing up a few times (she smiled and acted happy as can be the rest of the evening). Anyway, here are the pictures I took during the 10 minutes I was at Mckell's:
Poor Ella just colored her pumpkin, no carving, but she didn't seem to mind at all thankfully :-). Her pumpkin is pretty banged up and dented because she likes to carry it around the house.
Then there is poor Addie. I left her half way down the driveway away from everyone so she wouldn't infect any of the other little kids there. She just sat there and watched everyone from a distance - such a good sport all the time.
Patrick, Lauren, Eva, Ethan, Ella, Andrew, Mason and Maddox with the pumpkins.
Johnny is in the new kid that popped up in this picture and the kids are enjoying the homemade Oreo cookies Mckell made (with festive orange frosting may I add). I love EVERYTHING Mckell makes - I want to live at her house and have her make all my meals!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Addie's Halloween Party

First though, this is the latest thing Ella does with Addie in the car...she holds her hand :-). Isn't that cute?! What nice sisters :-).
After I dropped Ella off at school today Addie and I went over to the library for infant story time (something we missed greatly while I was teaching Joy School!) and it was their Halloween party. We met up with some friends from church and had fun looking at all the babies in their costumes. My favorite was this little Humpty Dumpty - I should have asked his parents if I could take his picture - it was hysterical! Here are our pictures:
Addie and William...I love Addie's face in this one, she looks like she's thinking, "Why is he dressed like that?!" If only she could see herself :-)!

Addie was more interested in eating the hay from their display than anything else of course.
Brooklyn, Eva, Addie and William...This was the best shot of all of them I got. It was impossible to get them all to look at us with everything going on.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fall Fashion

We have had a dramatic change in our weather this week (it truly was dramatic, on Monday morning around 9am our temperatures dropped from the 80's to the 50's in 11 minutes!).
The girls were both outgrowing their summer things and I have been having lots of fun dressing them up each morning in the fall clothes from their closets :-)! I am pretty simple and not so trendy when it comes to what I wear, but for some reason I LOVE dressing Ella and Addie up in girly-glitzy things....Maybe it's because they look so freaking cute in everything they wear!
Yesterday Addie went to the gym looking like this....
And came home looking like this.....

I was about half way through my class when one of the ladies came to get me because Addie had pooped (even after I had told her not to while I was working out - the nerve!). When I got downstairs it ended up being an explosion all up her back. We are at the gym almost everyday and I have gotten to know most the workers (if they like me they'll like my girls more too!) and yesterday it definitely paid off. I had no other clothes, but the supervisor brings her 2 little boys to work with her (one of whom is 4 months old) and offered me one of Cohen's onesies to borrow.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Adventure

We went to Dewberry Farm this weekend for some fall family fun :-)! It is much more than just a pumpkin patch and Ella LOVED it! I hope I took enough pictures while we were there to capture the experience!
Ella was sooo excited to get there. She asked us constantly the entire 20 minute drive there where the pumpkin patch was.
We arrived and were ready to explore! It looked really crowded in the parking lot, but once inside I didn't think you noticed how many people were there.
The picture opportunities begin...Right when we got inside I tried to get a picture of both girls in a little pumpkin setup they had out for customers to use but it was useless. Addie AND Ella were both so fascinated with touching the hay and the different kinds of pumpkins I quickly gave up - neither of them would look at me for even a second.

I ran into similar problems with the flowers. Addie just wanted to eat dirt and flowers - not smile for the camera. I tried singing, making weird noises, anything I could think of to make myself more interesting than the new surroundings, and finally....a glance my way!

I really wish I had managed to get Addie's whole face in this one. It was a beautiful evening - the perfect day for our excursion. I am glad I captured Addie's "crinkle nose" below though. She scrunches her nose all the time, but mostly when she gives a big smile.

We had told Ella we would get to go on a train at the pumpkin patch (something she has been wanting to do lately) but this wasn't exactly a train :-). The "corn train" was a tractor pulling a string of carts. I told Mike on the way home that she probably thinks that that was what a train ride is really like. Addie and I sat behind them and decided to give the ride a try even after the tractor driver told us we may want to sit it out. Mike said Ella was laughing the whole time (they whip you around pretty fast during the ride) and Addie seemed to enjoy it except for the parts where I held her close and put my hand over her eyes to shield her from the dust.
Next it was Ella's turn for some flower pictures

And of the girls together

Ella thought she was pretty cool up on the big tractor! She didn't want to get down but we had to let other people have a turn too :-). She liked the big slide too - I was proud of her for being so brave! She can be pretty cautious when it comes to trying new things but she marched right up the tall stairway to the top and came down.

On the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. I am getting pretty good at taking our own pictures!
We actually didn't buy a pumpking there - Ella picked one but wasn't very attached to it and the line to have them weighed and pay for them was really long so we "accidentally" forgot it when we left and bought one at the grocery store today instead.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Highlights in Photos

School pictures:
My last day of teaching joy school until March (sigh of relief) we talked about keeping the earth clean and why it is important not to waste things. In this picture they drew a beautiful picture of the earth and then we glued trash all over it. My favorite moment of the lesson was when the girls were absolutely amazed, and a little confused, that paper is made from trees :-).
This week was Emma's birthday. Her mom brought all the girls Happy Meals for lunch and Ella and I made cupcakes. They were very excited to eat it all! Good thing we had vegetables for snack that day :-).
My Random picture:
While I was making dinner Thursday Addie was getting into things as usual. When I looked down she had found her little newborn pacifiers and popped one in. It's amazing how little they look in her mouth now! When she was a baby they seemed to cover her whole little face.
Friday's outfit pictures:

Church pictures:
I LOVE the little dress Addie is wearing - you can't tell how detailed it is in the picture. It's really too small for her, but I was trying to get in one last wear before packing it away.

This is another one on the verge of being too small, but doesn't she look sooo cute with her little red shoes too :-)?!

We went to the pumpkin patch this weekend and I took TONS of pictures (42 to be exact) I'll try and pick my favorites and put a post up tonight about it - it was lots of fun!