Thursday, October 25, 2007

Addie's Halloween Party

First though, this is the latest thing Ella does with Addie in the car...she holds her hand :-). Isn't that cute?! What nice sisters :-).
After I dropped Ella off at school today Addie and I went over to the library for infant story time (something we missed greatly while I was teaching Joy School!) and it was their Halloween party. We met up with some friends from church and had fun looking at all the babies in their costumes. My favorite was this little Humpty Dumpty - I should have asked his parents if I could take his picture - it was hysterical! Here are our pictures:
Addie and William...I love Addie's face in this one, she looks like she's thinking, "Why is he dressed like that?!" If only she could see herself :-)!

Addie was more interested in eating the hay from their display than anything else of course.
Brooklyn, Eva, Addie and William...This was the best shot of all of them I got. It was impossible to get them all to look at us with everything going on.


Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

so cute! i love the hand holding :)

Kim said...

Addie's costume is awesome. What fantastic pictures.

michelecabiness said...

Grandma Freeman told me about your blog and it was so cute it inspired me to start my own! You guys seem to be doing great. I just wanted to tell oyu that I think your kids are adorable.

robandsara said...

Addie is adorable! What a great costume. Where did you find it? Oh, you have the cutest girls ever, Marci. I just love 'em!

janessa gibson said...

Hey Marci~
Addie looks soo cute! They sure get big fast, huh? Just wanted to let you know I tagged you (see our site).