Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ella's Halloween Party #1

Today at Joy School Ella had a little Halloween party. It was a good practice run for us with her hair and make-up. We may just leave her little buns in tonight and see how it looks curly tomorrow for the real deal - we'll see. Ella insisted on being a clown this year - it was pretty funny and I'm not sure how it all started. I began looking online for cute clown costumes in September but everything was pretty ugly and/or cheap looking so I made other suggestions...how about Tinkerbell? a princess? a zebra? But no, a clown is the only thing that would do. Luckily my mom is a talented seamstress and agreed to make her a costume. She took Ella on a little date a few weeks ago and Ella picked out the fabrics. With the borrowed shoes of my brother Scott (yes, he really wore those :-) she ended up a pretty cute clown afterall!
(oh, and Addie is feeling fine again today and slept straight through the night - I'm so relieved she didn't get really sick!)

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