Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ella's Halloween Party #2

Today was the preschool story time at the library, so it was Ella's turn to wear her costume. Her little buns actually stayed in really well overnight and we took them down and did curly hair for trick or treating tonight (I'll try and get all those pictures up in the next couple days).
Johnny and Mckell met up with us at the library. Ella was in a very serious mood and was not into getting her picture taken...
...But after lunch she had warmed up and they ended up playing together so well today I felt bad making her come home for a nap. Luckily she did take a nap though...she had plenty of energy for trick-or-treating tonight.

(...Yesterday afternoon Ella had dance class and they could wear their costumes, but Ella didn't want to wear her clown costume because "clowns don't dance." She wore one of her dress-up dresses with her crazy hair instead. We went to the grocery store right after and I felt the need to explain to anyone who commented on her ensemble that she had been a clown in the morning but had just come from dance class)

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