Friday, October 12, 2007

Finally Feeling Like Fall!

But first…One reason I love my job: Getting this entire outfit for $7.80, including the socks! We were clearing out old summer things from the back to make room for the new shipments and out this came. Shirt: $2.99, Jeans, $4.99, Socks, $.99, -20% employee discount, result: Addie looking even more cute than usual for a bargain price!

The weather has been beautiful the past few days! Wednesday morning we were leaving the gym and the air felt crisp and a little cooler and there was a nice breeze. We were planning on going to the library for Ella’s storytime, but decided we needed to squeeze in a trip to the park too.
When we pulled into the parking lot Ella looked out the window and said, “An X!” and she was right:-)!
Here are some pictures from playing at the park (it wasn’t a very exciting one, but it was right on the way to the library so we went with it, and we had it to ourselves which was nice)
Hmmm, interesting...
We went to the park again today with our ward’s playgroup...
I got out our Halloween things yesterday and Ella has been wearing this necklace ever since!

Yesterday for Joy School the color was white and it was pet sharing day, so the girls without pets got to choose another animal of their choice to share. Ella chose Sunshine (he is actually “Funshine” but we had been calling him Sunshine for too long by the time we found out his 'real' name to change it)Ella has a couple other stuffed animals that she never got attached to, but for some reason she fell in love with Sunshine (it was before she even knew of the carebears that we got him). He used to tell jokes if you pushed his microphone but she turned him off most the time and he gets dirty quite often so we decided to forgo the jokes and let him take periodic swims in the washing machine instead.The highlight of yesterday’s school activities was making bird feeders out of pine cones. The girls loved getting messy to make them!
And finally this is Addie this morning. I probably should have wiped her nose before taking a picture, but I forgot and she looked so cute in her little outfit (although Mike thinks she looks ready for Christmas) that I’m posting it anyway :-).

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