Thursday, October 4, 2007

First Teaching Day

Tuesday was my first day teaching Joy School and it went well. The time actually flew by and I didn't even have time for everything I had planned on, so that was a relief. I was picturing myself with too much time on my hands and just telling the kids to go play for the last hour. My unit is The Joy of the Earth and also features a new color each day. Tuesday's color was brown and I emailed the moms to have their girls wear something with brown on it (today was green and I got some cute pictures of them). We talked about the difference between nature and things that are man-made. They went outside and collected some "nature" items and made pictures and also made "nature viewers" (decorated toilet paper rolls) to take on the nature walk we went on today. It is really funny to see the personalities of the girls as I teach them. And they all call me teacher which always made me laugh a little to myself. Some of the funny things that happened:
- While making their nature collages Lauren said, "I'm making this for my grandma." So Emma said, "I'm making this for my grandma." Then Annie said, "I'm making this for me."
- Abi saw a baby picture of Addie on one of our walls and said, "That's me when I was a baby!"
It seems like there was one other one I wanted to post - I'll try to remember it.

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