Thursday, October 4, 2007

Green Day

Today the color of the day for Joy School was green and our big event was a nature walk to our neighborhood park...
Here is Ella all decked out in green waiting for school to start.
We did some things at our house before heading out on our nature walk. It isn't a long walk, but my mom came along to help me out. We brought 2 of our strollers so the girls could take turns having a break from walking. They were excited to use their nature viewers, which I unfortunately didn't take a picture of - they looked hilarious holding the little tubes up to one eye and covering the other with their hand (funny that it is too difficult for them to close one eye - they just cannot make their bodies do it). Here they all are when we arrived at the park.
My mom was on Addie duty so I could watch the girls and do the lesson. We talked about what we had observed on our walk to the park using each of our senses, ate a green snack and played for awhile.
I also brought cleaned out baby food containers for them to collect more nature items at the park. Here is Ella working on hers.
When it was time to go Ella and Annie started walking back to me holding hands. By the time I found my camera and turned it on they had to re-create the moment for me :-). I think the girls had fun getting out of the house and doing something different. The weather was really nice - a little hot by the time we were heading home, but not as bad as it could have been!

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