Monday, October 22, 2007

The Highlights in Photos

School pictures:
My last day of teaching joy school until March (sigh of relief) we talked about keeping the earth clean and why it is important not to waste things. In this picture they drew a beautiful picture of the earth and then we glued trash all over it. My favorite moment of the lesson was when the girls were absolutely amazed, and a little confused, that paper is made from trees :-).
This week was Emma's birthday. Her mom brought all the girls Happy Meals for lunch and Ella and I made cupcakes. They were very excited to eat it all! Good thing we had vegetables for snack that day :-).
My Random picture:
While I was making dinner Thursday Addie was getting into things as usual. When I looked down she had found her little newborn pacifiers and popped one in. It's amazing how little they look in her mouth now! When she was a baby they seemed to cover her whole little face.
Friday's outfit pictures:

Church pictures:
I LOVE the little dress Addie is wearing - you can't tell how detailed it is in the picture. It's really too small for her, but I was trying to get in one last wear before packing it away.

This is another one on the verge of being too small, but doesn't she look sooo cute with her little red shoes too :-)?!

We went to the pumpkin patch this weekend and I took TONS of pictures (42 to be exact) I'll try and pick my favorites and put a post up tonight about it - it was lots of fun!

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Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

Marci your girls are so cute!! And I laughed when you said part of the lesson was gluing trash to their beautiful earth pictures.