Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Little Mess Makers

Well, we had an interesting weekend. It all started out fine...Saturday Mike took the GMAT and I went to a church activity where I made this plaque (sorry for the blurry pic, I just ran downstairs to take it really fast):
They served lunch and it was a lot of fun. When Mike got home we went and picked up something to eat, came home and were all relaxing. Ella was saying periodically that her tummy hurt, but I didn't think much of it because she says it on occasion to try and get out of doing things :-).
But she wasn't kidding this time and had an explosion all over the family room. I felt awful for not taking her seriously! We took her upstairs to get cleaned off and Mike went back down to get Addie, who had crawled through the mess looking for everyone. We got everyone and everything cleaned up and put Ella to bed in our "guest" room (we recently upgraded to a king mattress and put the queen in the computer room - it's amazing how a queen seems so big when you first get married but gets smaller and smaller every year!) and I slept with her so I could help her during the night. Although I got much better sleep than when I've slept in her little twin bed with her when she was sick, it was a long night for sure. Poor Ella would start sobbing everytime she was sick, "I'm sick!" or "I don't want to be sick!" It was so sad.
Unfortunately the next day Mike and I both weren't feeling too hot, but at least Ella was much better. Ella was very supportive as I suffered through it, cheering me on, "Good job mom!" Addie still seemed fine and my mom came and took her to their house so she could steer clear of our germs as much as possible. I haven't been that sick in awhile and it is no fun! Good thing we spent $80 on flu shots for me and the girls 2 weeks ago! Oh well, maybe it would have been even worse had we not. Yesterday we were all feeling much better but still depleted of energy. I spent a lot of the morning trying to sanitize the house to keep Addie healthy. We did lots laundry, wiped down toys, changed sheets, etc. and exhausted myself. The cleanliness didn't last for long of course...
Ella came downstairs and proudly told me she made all her matches. I came upstairs to find this:
She sure did make all the matches :-)! and she did a good job at helping clean them all up too.
Addie decided it was a good day to check out each shoe in her closet. I'd only let her play in her room all day since it was a germ free zone so she was probably running out of things to do.
Mike is back at work today and the girls and I are heading to the grocery store - wooo hooo! I am just happy we are all feeling better and especially thankful that little Addie didn't have to suffer through it as well.

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