Thursday, October 11, 2007

Notes from All Over

Orange Day:
Tuesday's color of the day was orange and we were ready. I must admit I was quite impressed with my picture taking here :-)! I took 2 shots of us and not only did I get us all in the shot, but everyone was looking at the camera in both too!
It was a busy day! We are still learning about the Joy of the Earth and today focused on plants and the seasons. We talked about how apple trees change during the seasons and made homemade applesauce. I was actually surprised at how good it was. The girls helped mash the apples and seasoned their own bowls with sugar and cinnamon (under supervision :-) they get a little sprinkle happy). We also made pictures by gluing different seeds on the paper (pictured here - the girls were thrilled that I let them squeeze the glue by themselves - we had a couple incidents where I was helping someone and didn't notice another child's glue puddle getting REALLY big). And we also planted bean seeds in Addie's baby food jars with wet paper towels so they can see the roots come out. Another joy school day is about to start and then I just have 1 more week until my turn is over until March - it's been fun, but it is exhausting!

Here is some random stuff:
Ella's headband obsession continues, although she does have days where she doesn't wear any - it just depends on her mood.

This one is from Monday. She came out with so many on :-)! We drove over to my parents' house and when we got there she told me her head hurt. I told her it was probably her headbands and that she might want to try taking some off. She then took one off and said, "That feels better!" and ran off to play.
I was trying to think of things I used to do with/for Ella when she was little that Addie may be missing out on. One thing I thought of was how I used to let Ella play with water all the time. So this week when I was cooking I made Addie her own little water station. For the most part she just tipped the tupperwares over on herself, but I think she still enjoyed it :-).
And lastly:

This is my little cousin Andy. He is only 10 years old and, I think, pretty amazing! He won a silver medal in the invitation only Junior Olympics and was also invited to compete in Nationals in Vermont where he was the youngest competitor there by five years - pretty impressive!

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robandsara said...

I love the headband story. What a cutie Ella is! I love that she put five on! What a crack up. Your girls are getting more and more cute every second! I think its really fun that you have color day. What a good idea. We are going to try that. Today will be.... green.