Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Party

My friend Mckell threw a pumpkin carving party tonight and Ella had been looking forward to it all day long. Our day was a typical one and then later this afternoon Addie got sick :-(! I worked a few hours this morning and I was playing with Addie when I was done and then went online to check some things. Addie was playing on the floor by me, happy as could be, and then threw up out of no where. I cleaned her up and she was smiley and happy so I was thinking it was a one time thing. I called Mckell to tell her and we decided to try and go anyway but when we were almost to their house Addie threw up again. I told Ella we were just going to have to go home, which made Ella cry, so I dropped Ella off to play with Johhny and Andrew and took Addie home to change her. (Thanks to Mckell and Sheree for watching Ella and letting her experience the fun with everyone still!) I tried to get her to just relax with me on the couch, but in typical Addie fashion she wanted nothing to do with it. I really wanted her to just lay back and relax though so I walked around the house with her for a little while and called the doctor to see what she recommended as far as giving her fluids. We picked Ella back up, stopped by the store for some Pedialyte (of which Addie drank only 1/2 an oz. even though they now have apple juice flavor - neither of my girls are juice drinkers for some reason) and she has been asleep for about 3 hours now without any other incidents. I'm really hoping she'll get a good night sleep tonight and be normal again tomorrow. I had been so thankful she didn't go through our family's miserable experience with the flu a couple weeks ago and so far she seems to feel fine other than throwing up a few times (she smiled and acted happy as can be the rest of the evening). Anyway, here are the pictures I took during the 10 minutes I was at Mckell's:
Poor Ella just colored her pumpkin, no carving, but she didn't seem to mind at all thankfully :-). Her pumpkin is pretty banged up and dented because she likes to carry it around the house.
Then there is poor Addie. I left her half way down the driveway away from everyone so she wouldn't infect any of the other little kids there. She just sat there and watched everyone from a distance - such a good sport all the time.
Patrick, Lauren, Eva, Ethan, Ella, Andrew, Mason and Maddox with the pumpkins.
Johnny is in the new kid that popped up in this picture and the kids are enjoying the homemade Oreo cookies Mckell made (with festive orange frosting may I add). I love EVERYTHING Mckell makes - I want to live at her house and have her make all my meals!

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