Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Adventure

We went to Dewberry Farm this weekend for some fall family fun :-)! It is much more than just a pumpkin patch and Ella LOVED it! I hope I took enough pictures while we were there to capture the experience!
Ella was sooo excited to get there. She asked us constantly the entire 20 minute drive there where the pumpkin patch was.
We arrived and were ready to explore! It looked really crowded in the parking lot, but once inside I didn't think you noticed how many people were there.
The picture opportunities begin...Right when we got inside I tried to get a picture of both girls in a little pumpkin setup they had out for customers to use but it was useless. Addie AND Ella were both so fascinated with touching the hay and the different kinds of pumpkins I quickly gave up - neither of them would look at me for even a second.

I ran into similar problems with the flowers. Addie just wanted to eat dirt and flowers - not smile for the camera. I tried singing, making weird noises, anything I could think of to make myself more interesting than the new surroundings, and finally....a glance my way!

I really wish I had managed to get Addie's whole face in this one. It was a beautiful evening - the perfect day for our excursion. I am glad I captured Addie's "crinkle nose" below though. She scrunches her nose all the time, but mostly when she gives a big smile.

We had told Ella we would get to go on a train at the pumpkin patch (something she has been wanting to do lately) but this wasn't exactly a train :-). The "corn train" was a tractor pulling a string of carts. I told Mike on the way home that she probably thinks that that was what a train ride is really like. Addie and I sat behind them and decided to give the ride a try even after the tractor driver told us we may want to sit it out. Mike said Ella was laughing the whole time (they whip you around pretty fast during the ride) and Addie seemed to enjoy it except for the parts where I held her close and put my hand over her eyes to shield her from the dust.
Next it was Ella's turn for some flower pictures

And of the girls together

Ella thought she was pretty cool up on the big tractor! She didn't want to get down but we had to let other people have a turn too :-). She liked the big slide too - I was proud of her for being so brave! She can be pretty cautious when it comes to trying new things but she marched right up the tall stairway to the top and came down.

On the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. I am getting pretty good at taking our own pictures!
We actually didn't buy a pumpking there - Ella picked one but wasn't very attached to it and the line to have them weighed and pay for them was really long so we "accidentally" forgot it when we left and bought one at the grocery store today instead.

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