Saturday, October 6, 2007

We have a piano!!!

Today was an exciting day - we now have a piano...and it was free!!! (well, after renting a Uhaul trailer and dolly to move it) I feel like we are officially grown up now that our house has a piano in it! A family in our ward, who were actually in my parents' ward in Jacksonville (such a small world in the church), is moving once again and didn't think the piano could survive another move (it is VERY old and was given to them by someone in the Jacksonville ward). She came up to me at church a couple weeks ago and said she had mentioned the piano to my mom when they were talking and my mom told her we would LOVE to have it - it pays off to have connections! So, today Mike, Scott and I picked up some piano-moving necessities and went to get it. I had been dreading the actual moving part all day, but it ended up being really easy with the dolly - especially because Mike and her husband did all the lifting :-). Some of the keys need a little work and we need to rearrange our living room a little to get it situated, but I am ecstatic! Ella has already been playing around on it and I am excited to have a piano accessible to play on when I feel like it too. I have good memories of my mom playing this fun little song (I should find out what it was) and Mack, Kayley and I would dance all around the living room being weirdos :-). Even after I quit lessons I always enjoyed just sitting down and playing often. Now I just have to try and steal some of my old piano books from Hope.

(I finally finished the post below also, so check out the other pictures!)

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Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

Fun!! Good luck getting back into the piano playing - I wish I had retained more of my skills from all of my years of piano lessons... And I'm looking forward to watching the video of Ella and her watch - I'm on the computer in our room (and Ben's asleep) so I can't watch it tonight...

And thanks for your post on Eli's sleeping drama! He won't take a pacifier or suck his thumb, but I'm hoping this small blanket will soothe him. I wish he liked the pacifier though!! We tried a bunch of different kinds, and he doesn't ever keep them in his mouth.

Okay, random comments, I know! Your joy school post and pics were really cute too.