Monday, November 26, 2007

Houston Thanksgiving

We drove back from San Antonio Thursday night and went to my grandparents' for lunch the next day (my grandfather's delicious pulled pork sandwiches). My great-uncle and his family come out every year for Thanksgiving so we were able to see them, Mack, Kayley and my cousin Mick (who I hadn't seen for years).
Me with the boys (Mick on the left, Mack on the right)
With Kayley...Addie was still not doing well at all and had no energy (and a high fever). It is so sad to see them so unlike themselves. I also wasn't feeling that well, but when you have one day to see everyone you make the most of it. We played our family favorite game: Scum.
We of course had to take our family picture for my parents' Christmas card when we are all not feeling our cutest :-)(not to mention my hair lady couldn't fit me in before the holiday for my highlights...but I get them tomorrow - yeah! I'm need them desperately!) We took TONS of pictures so we could increase the odds of getting a good shot of everyone and I think it turned out well. Mack left for FL early the next morning.

Saturday was our doctor visit day. I took Addie in to her pediatrician where she was diagnosed with an ear infection (although she never touched her ears like they had been hurting) and I went to urgent care and was diagnosed with strep throat. So we began our recovery and Ella spent some time with Aunt LeeLee before she caught her flight back to UT that evening. Saturday night Ella was having a hard time going to sleep (we're still getting back on schedule after San Antonio) and Mike went in to talk to her. She told him she didn't want to go to sleep and he told her everyone has to go to sleep - even mom and dad. She replied, "But I just want to be awake all the time."

Sunday Ella had actually fallen asleep for her nap but Addie woke her up and she wandered into our room. I was getting ready and told her lay with Mike while I finished. When I came back out I found her all curled up and sound asleep again - it was so cute and very unlike Ella.
We hosted one more round of scum at or house later that night. Mick didn't have to head back to USC until today so we got to visit with him a little more which was nice.
This is Scott's amazing hand from that night...what is most amazing is that he was in the position of Scum when he got it (and those of you who play this game know that scum is always dealt the worst hands - that's just how it goes).

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