Friday, November 9, 2007

Lunch date

First, this is a picture I just thought was cute of Ella "climbing" a tree in our backyard Tuesday night. (Mike sets her in there and she thinks it's really cool for a little while but then gets scared and wants to get down)
Wednesday we had lunch with my friend Katherine from when I worked at the resale shop. We have both since quit but get together once a month for lunch still to keep up on what is going on in our lives (and compare notes on all the reality shows we are addicted to). She is so sweet and always thinks of Ella - bringing her a dessert treat to our house or having something fun for her at their house. This time Ella got to decorate cupcakes and LOVED it!
Addie was getting tired by the end, and a little fussy, so Katherine gave her a cupcake to hold. She quickly discovered that it tasted quite delicious and devoured the whole thing :-)!

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