Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch - AGAIN!!!

Thursday we went to Dewbury Farm again with Ella's joy school group. Ella was ecstatic to go again - I, on the other hand, felt one trip was good enough for the season :-). We had a good time though. When Mike got home that afternoon Ella told him, "I went to the farm with all my friends!"
The hay ride took us to a different pumpkin patch full of teeny pumpkins and all the kids got to pick one out for free.
Addie was most interested in eating hay again, of course :-).
Ella and Annie were ready for the corn train and walked off holding hands - I grabbed my camera quickly to capture the moment.
Lauren and Ella on the huge jumping pad (Ella was really excited to do this until she got to the top and realized how high it was).

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